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Europa board meeting/ 8pm GMT at Nujelm on the 15th

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Babbling Loonie
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Blimey, makes me realise just how new I am to this board. Took me about two or three pages of this thread to even find someone I recognised. Fist one was OB, way before he was a mod, then Kas the babbling loonie


Scared the hell out of me, since I recognised all the names and thought I'd imagined the last four years since they all seemed to be 'alive' again!


*note that this one is over 5 years old and needs looking*

can i hear the lock as if the age of this post ?


Ach, it's the yearly bump for nostalgia
This thread should never get locked, tis one of great memories of the Europa board
Was even started before Trammel


Wow at all the old names within this thread.. kinda sad to think most all of them are now gone

You remember the days when you were up nearly all night Ob from these crazy fools babbling all over the place and you were trying to get their butts in 1 thread?

Good times all the way around for sure.. it's a sweet part of Europa history that certainly makes one think back to the good old days:)


New Player Protector
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Scary... Thread necromancy ftw!...

A lot of familiar names for sure... I think I know almost all of them...

*remembers the flame wars with Lilith and the death runs with Sagonari*


I thought, 'Sagonari? what the heck's going on? He's been gone aaages.

Sure, we could have a meet at Nujelm, how about you make it the 17th, then you can all bring cake.


*sigh* I remember this thread well and all the others. Shame its not possible to get everyone back in the game for a one off dungeon crawl. so many good times on here!