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(Player Event) Europa Auction 700

Geoffrey Blake

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

This Wednesday at the usual time of 7pm UK time we'd like to invite you all to the 700th Europa Auction!​

1 Cyclops and Titan Costumes
2 An Assassin's Guild Sign
3 Two Sword Displays
4 A Heartwood Runic Dovetail Saw
5 Big Majik Flippers
6 A Sleeping Hamster
7 A Banner Deed
8 A Barbed Runic Sewing Kit
9 A Light Blue Special Hair Dye
10 A Race Change Token - 10m Reserve
11 Waraji and Tabi of Marako
12 A Greetings from EM Adris Sash
13 A Conjurer's Grimoire
14 Boots of the Lava Lizard
15 A Divine Countenance
16 A Gender Change Token - 10m Reserve
17 A Lumberjack's Satchel
18 Melissa's Cloak
19 Wamap's Bone Earrings
20 A 7th Anniversary Token

We hope to see you there!