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[EU] Sol Invictus "The Unconquered Sun" - Hardcore Order Guild.



About Sol Invictus:

Sol Invictus was formed on January 12th 2008 by Moods and Kalliades, we talked about what we wanted from future MMO games and decided we wanted to be our own masters, the guild was for a while focused on Age of Conan, we had a guild running there with about 30 level 80s, we had Tier 2 guild city and we killed the first raid boss and had a couple of succesful raids, but in the end Age of Conan had too many shortcomings and it was decided we would aim for Warhammer Online instead. Experience wise we both come from a long background of MMO games starting back in 1999 with Everquest, so I believe we are what many refer to as MMO veterans, since its still a young industry.

Idea and Progress plans:

We have been building our community for just over 6 months now and we have picked up some really dedicated and serious players along the way, we want to keep this trend up, the idea is to recruit people who wants the same from the game as us, people who strive to better not just themselfes but the whole community that they are in, we will try to achieve this by being very serious about our recruitment, I will comment further on this in the recruitment section later on. Progress wise we expect to start out by having alot of people playing in the open beta and then once the game launches strive to have alot of people going for high levels as fast as possible, but we do want to enjoy the new experience that it will be leveling in WAR aswell, WAR is all over and we will participate hugely in this, having lots of events and raids as often as possible.

Raids and Events:

Since we describe ourselfes as a Hardcore guild we ofcourse must also have raids and events, right now we are aiming to have these 5 days a week, we are planning on doing mostly RvR raids but also other stuff to help members and such. The times that we are currently aiming for are as described below:

Monday: 19.00 - 23.00
Tuesday: 19.00 - 23.00
Wednesday: 19.00 - 23.00
Thursday: 19.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 19.00 - 23.00

These are subject to change tho and on sundays we might be doing stuff starting in the afternoon, altho this is not something we have fully made our minds up about yet, I will update this info should we change anything about it.


Our recruitment is done in 3 phases, the first phase is that the applicant writes and application on our forums, we would like to stress that this applications must reflect your interest in the guild, anything less will result in a instant decline, once this application has been accepted by an officer, we will discuss it amongst the officers and within 3-5 days have an answer for you if we wish to continue with the application or not, should we wish to continue with it we will invite you to phase 2, a Ventrilo Interview with atleast 2 officers, we will use this to ask deeper questions about you and your application and you will have a chance to ask questions to us aswell, if everything goes well here and the officers find you suited for the guild we will accept you and give you a trial, also known as phase 3, this trial will last 14 days, after these 14 days are gone, if they are completed with satisfaction we will give you full membership with all the benefits that entitles you to.

Officers and Racial Leaders:

I mentioned earlier that Officers are in charge of recruitment, this is however not the only thing we do, we maintain the homepage, our ventrilo, do interviews with community sites, keep our posts updated on community sites and much more, regarding recruitment the way we handle this is temporary, once WAR is launched we will recruit 3 racial leaders from within the guild to handle recruitment for their race, they will also be responsible for having their race show up prepared for all scheduled events and more tasks may be added to this later on.

Regarding officers we belive in a very open community, we are a democracy and everyone has a voice, we promote officers from within the guild and anyone that wishes to be considered is more than welcome to let the founders know of this.

Ranks within the guild:

* Founder
* Officer
* Veteran
* Member
* Casual
* Trialist

The Casual rank is for friends and family only, its a rank we wish to maintain so that people who has a different playstyle still gets a chance to play with their friends and family within Sol Invictus.

Spots Open in Sol Invictus:

Check out www.solinvictus.eu to see whats open.


We have our own IRC channel on the Quakenet network, #solinvictus

Thank you for your interest in Sol Invictus. Should you still be interested in us after reading this post head over to http://www.solinvictus.eu

If you have any questions or suggestions for us feel free to post them here or contact us on IRC or our homepage.

Moods - Co. Founder of Sol Invictus.


High Elves:
Archmage: 4/6
White Lion: 4/6
Shadow Warrior: 4/6
Swordmaster: 3/6

Ironbreaker: 2/6
Runepriest: 5/6
Engineer: 4/6

Bright Wizard: 3/6
Warrior Priest: 3/6
Witch Hunter: 3/6

Unassigned: 9

Membercount: 45

Still looking for some dedicated gamers.