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Ethereal Void Imperium Memo

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Ethereal Void Imperium Memo

The First of Mazrim has launched attacks upon the Torchwood Outpost, Moria Village and Kijustsu Anei Village this week, mostly last night. These attacks are waves of undead creatures which are very powerful. Now that the Imperium faces war the Commander and Portreeve are placed in charge of all Imperium Town and Outpost security and defenses. The Commander and Portreeve now have the ability to use "Rolled Parchment Dispatch Orders" at any time of their choosing.

Due to war being declared upon our towns, all Imperium inhabitants and citizens are hereby drafted into the Imperium Militia. The Commander and Portreeve now have full control over land and sea forces. They may deploy warships and forces to any of our towns.

Icq Contact
Manshoon- 573882459
Lestat- 126630075