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[EM News]Healer's Guild Admission Progress

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator

Healer's Guild Admission Standings

Townships Accepted - Nov. 27th 2011
[]Kijustsu Anei Village

Celestial Knight, 2

Enterprise, 2
Pidge, 1
Srafeen, 1

Dragon's Watch
Earik, 2
Fanny Firebottom, 1
Nanoc, 2
***Phoenix, 3
Savaric, 1

Guardian's Gate
Daria Blackmore, 2
Bane, 1
Blushing Rose, 1
Jaya Ballard, 1
Larry Fine, 2
Mirt, 2
Mystic Maker, 1

Kijustsu Anei Village

***Niva, 3
***Sarberius, 3
***Bloodbath, 3
Jared, 1
Mystique, 1
Najica, 1
Parrothead, 1
Larry, 1
Angelus, 1
Jared, 1

Antagonist, 1
Hush Baby, 1
Kalkano, 1
Sheva Alomar, 1

Angelica, 2
Arin, 1
Demon Slayer, 2
Masta Blasta, 1

***Judge, 3
Nidaros Armorer, 1
***Calkano, 3
Tristan, 2

Dariann, 1
Winfield, 2
***Winmere, 3

Ashlynn, 1
Jess the Wench, 1
Fanny Firebottom, 1

Delta Butch, 1
Mystic Maker, 1
Balthier Trakand, 1
Darth Oni, 1
Sven Ole Thorson, 1

Skara Brae

Gareth, 1
Ozog, 1

These are the current standings for the Healer's Guild Admission requirements. As I mentioned at the HoC, the jumping around between townships is really not supposed to happen. We'll accept what's already been done, but please find a township and stick with it. Also, some of you are bouncing around on different characters, please stick with one. If there are toons that are the same, please send me an email and we'll give the credit where appropriate.

At any time you can submit a malady/remedy for credit by dropping it in the HoC Mailbox, also you can register as a healer during the RBG events (you won't get RBG credit as well).