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[EM News]Hall of Commons Report 5/29/11

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Hall of Commons Report
Hall of Commons, Britain
Sunday, May 29, 2011

June Event Preview
Our June events calendar will be available later this week
Some of the highlights include Casino night, the Sosarian Solstice Fair, A suprising turn for Kendrick Morrow, as well as the continuation of the Feelin' Crabby angling tournament. A full list of events will be available so Stay Toon'd for that.

Royal Guard Barracks
Its been slow going getting it up and running But we are starting to get things moving. There will be more Royal Guard action next month. Some people have already been promoted. Also, if any of the regiments have desires for what they'd like in their Barracks let me know.

Drosselmeyer on Vacation
In case anyone was wondering Dross will be away until the middle of the month and without internet, save for email.

Email Feedback
Mesanna recieved an email, which she forwarded to me. From a player who was unhappy about last nights event. One of the main points was that this indvidual, and others, as they pointed out. Did or does not enjoy the role play aspect of the events we hold I was just curious if anyone else felt this way. While this isn't exactly the whole of chesapeake here, I just wanted to get some opinions.

Comments from those in attendance

It just seems a bit of a pointless complaint

Why , cause they got no crack

Mystic Maker:
They have other things they can do so they should.

Celestial Knight:
I been roll playing from the game master days its okay

First off I loved the event last night and was impressed but I also understand the side of the players who do not appreciate detailed events and RP. My opinion is this: Roleplayers quit complaining about Itemplayers. Itemplayers quit complaining about Roleplayers. Roleplayers your play style is no more important then Itemplayers play style. Itemplayers your play style is no more important then Roleplayers play style. Some play for items, some play for Rp and some play for fun entertaining storylines. No matter which reason it is all should be catered to.

I wasn't there last night so I don't know what exactly the issue is but would removing all the RP stuff improve the event in any way? If not then why does it matter it just means it caters to a wider array of people.

In response Perhaps the item based players should be given the same amount of attention the roleplayers are given in events?

Closing Comments from Elder EM Dudley
Well anyone can participate In the exchange. Unfortunately there are people who are there for the loot, and the loot only. Which is fine if that's what floats your boat, more power to ya. There were a lot of cross sharders last night. I think some people were under the impression that because the word "finale" was involved that there is automatically going to be an item dispenser. But hey, that's the nature of the beast. We aren't done with Kendrick Morrow I think you'll still be pleased *wink wink*

Only thing I did not care for was the area was too small for that fight. Although, I did not anticipate that kind of crowd still, everyone seemed to do alright.


Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
the thing about the house of commons is that no one who hates dudley's event attends them, all the role players that suck up to dudley attend his events, they praise him and think everything he does is amazing....

ok he made a cool looking room, 1 room yeah.... good stuff..... the word FINALE is supposed to mean some big thing, what did we do? solve some puzzle boxes and fight 1 slasher, oh yeah thats a finale alright, then we went to a tavern to do nothing, then walked around the beach and watched dudley in swimming trunks and did nothing, those 2 things alone were about an hour or so of my life that i won't be getting back, i saw many people complaining during the event, these are the pvpers, and the rare collectors like myself, problem is they do not attend the house of commons so they don't express their opinions

in response to dudley, yes i do events for items, if you stated no items would be dropped u wouldn't see me there, however i enjoy certain events, just because i get an item sometimes doesn't mean i enjoyed the event, and just because i didn't get an item sometimes doesn't mean i didn't enjoy the event. take an event on drachenfels the other night, we ran around yew and then ilsh fighting these paragon cookie things which was pretty cool they looked weird, then we wound up in some gingerbread house where the players could eat everything the walls and trees all around we ate everything then killed the boss, it was very original and entertaining, i appreciate originality, slashers are way overplayed by the way

chesapeake drops such few items that its crazy, great lakes does atleast 1 event a week and almost always drops something during the event, atlantic drops items often as well, chesapeake is not an unpopular shard, events aren't really done often and the ones that are dont drop many items, i mean shards with 1 em seem to conduct events more often sometimes

as for the word FINALE, this should mean the end of a story arc, actually thats what it does mean according to every other shard in UO but not chesapeake apparently, because there is more stuff to be done.... also a finale involves fighting a bunch of monsters not just 1 thing, and lastly, every single finale on every other shard always gives out items, whether an item dispenser or on monster corpses, sometimes drops, oh yeah and finales don't take place the entire event in 1 single room

ill do my best to get people that feel the same way i do to reply here because i'm sick of the roleplayers always backing dudley and thinking he does everything perfectly when in fact a bunch of people are unhappy and not much has changed since that meeting in the orange tent with him and mesanna a while back

Tigerlily [VIPS]

Let me start off by saying I too am an item player, and attend events in hopes of achieving one. However this does not mean I do not enjoy the events. I enjoy some and others are okay. I realize the events are not designed just for my liking. I feel they definitely favor the role players 90% of the time. I know there were quite a few Xshard players there, but should not determine whether or not an item is dropped. Those shards events have Xshard players there too and they still take all into consideration. There is no way to avoid this or change it. Unfortunately it is what it is, like it or not.

My main point is Chessy is made of a variety of player types, and I just feel the events should try to meet the likes of all the members of chessy. I sit through the role playing aspect of an event understanding that there are many that enjoy this and I would not want to take that from them. I would however like to see the events also provide drops more often for us Item players. After all we do pay to play too.

It would be nice to see future events take everyone into consideration.

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Okay I am going to weigh in here because for some reason people seem to care what I think so you get the Gareth two cents. I can argue both sides of this debate and again for some reason people seem to think telling me how they feel will change things but I have learned you need to speak up on your own, not through someone else and you all have done that.

Now I have allowed people to give their views and opinions here which would not be allowed on the Chesapeake shard forum and expect it to be civil which for the most part it has been but I do not feel it is fair to line up coworkers (EMS) and play let’s compare who is better and point out their individual flaws. Good lord I would not feel very good about myself if people put a big bright spotlight on me and then stood someone else like WarderDragon, Winfield, CatLord or any other community leader and said “well he is better then you because his storylines are professional and well yours look like a 5th graders.” That to me would be so degrading, hurtful and would just devastate me. We’re not here to compare EMs because

Number 1. They do not event moderate for the same shard community
Number 2. They are different people who believe it or not have feelings

Slasher of what was it? V...something? Umm pardon me but I have never seen Dudley or Drosselmeyer use it on Chesapeake so how is that over used? It was my first time ever battling one and winning. I find this point to be invalid because it was not used on Chesapeake before.

If I was Dudley *tries to get into Dudleys head* Chocolate….butterscotch…. Nickelodeon… Okay let’s get out of there! When I was planning the event which put bluntly people are saying “Stunk” I would expect around maybe 20-30 players. The event that was setup would have been perfect for that number and lasted much longer, allowing him more time to do interaction BUT when a icq message went out that was meant for a few rare collectors who assisted our township in defense and support things we do, a contact wide message was sent out reaching almost every Rare collector and players from Atlantic, Catskills, Baja, Pacific, Lake Superior, Great Lakes and of course Chesapeake and who was the jackass that fat fingered the message that went out? Well that would be GARETH (me). So if you want someone to blame for the packed in “who touched my ars” crowd and quickly ending event then you need to blame me, not EM Dudley because normally if I send out a mass similar to that I give him a email heads up. SO EM Dudley did his job right, he planned the event accordingly for Chesapeake players not half the East Coast.

Item wise was I disappointed? Yes I was because I like items that mean something to me. Items which remind me of the event and the work the communities did together. Would I have appreciated a township series item to commemorate the Patrols many townships took part in? The team work we all did? Yes but I also know that if we didn’t get something this time that Dudley and Drosselmeyer would have something for us later. Now sometimes depending on the item such as the Crisis Statue which I can use in RP I do buy those and items that I can use which pertain to my township which is why I had no problem putting myself in even more debt (sorry Lineman forgive me) by obtaining the Blue painting that had “Ethereal Void” in the name.

-Does the item have any shard history value for me? No
-Do I have a single clue what event it was from or the storyline? No

I bought it because I run the Ethereal Void Imperium and it said “Ethereal Void” on it. So I understand the collectors side of things but if that EM wanted it to be an item for only players of their shard to obtain then they might find what I did very annoying and frustrating. I use to believe that Dudley was anti items but that is not the case, I actually spent hours discussing the topic with Dudley and Drosselmeyer and what I walked away with was a greater understand that our EMS want Chesapeake players to receive keepsakes or really P.I.M.P items for their achievements and progression of events. Unfortunately this policy I feel hurts Chesapeake players and hope another way will be found for item distribution.

Now my biggest disappointment is when we do fishing tournaments and spend 4 – 8hours straight fishing and walk away with a Sons of the Sea sash (which I like but I have like five of them) or we get a plaque that gets moved to the Hall of Recognition (I am at work can’t remember the exact name) and side note, all of plaques in all of the NPC townships because to me it feels like for some reason they are a special unknown exception to the rule. (I can send you a location list)

Another disappointing area are design and decoration contests, I honestly spent days on my display and put everything into it and again received a scroll which went to the Hall of Recognition which I don’t think many players even know where that is. It would be really nice to receive even a simple little holiday bell that said “Gareth First Place Holiday Design Contest Winner” I added the name because who wants to own a trophy with another players name on it? I mean Slushy at least deserved a patch of ice of something! He had a face that only a mother could love (LoL)

Now if we are going to get into the event design, setup and execution I have to say that Dudley and Drossmelmeyer impress me (not do it better) “impress me” the most out of anything game wide in my 13years of game play. THEY BLEW UP A CASTLE! Do you know how many times I wanted to blow up someones castle because I wanted the spot?! THEY BLEW UP A CASTLE! And yes it had a little glitch which made the stealable items go bye bye but you know what they are always trying new things and pushing the limits of the game.

Few more examples

Three story Bean Stalk?!? Hello Fe Fi Fo Fum! And did you see that enchanted library?

Hidden Temple? Have you ever seen something more shiny? And how about the event that took DAYS to figure out how to do it…”the right way”

They blew up my pet! I mean the boat! Okay little opps there but it was quickly fixed and if I recall it was the first boat explosion and they gave us what we asked for. We said we want a massive sea battle and they gave it to us…and if im correct didn’t we get items? Harpoons? Every time I see that Harpoon brown heavy crossbow I remember that event…..because the event before Niva and I won first place in the Queens Race…no prize though.

I missed the final battle with the servant but I remember Mesanna coming over and fixing books making those kick butt Gargoyle ones…which had to be fixed again and gave us those awesome Necromancer Runebooks. I heard that event was awesome and by the way Rare collectors…..those books marked as (*) not on your life! Two were given out for each player there and from what I could tell there was no 200+ people at that event.

Captain Bloodrums Challenge anyone? Remember when some mean old man killed the white rabbit? and I totally grabbed an axe and busted Dudleys chest…I mean that wasn’t me *throws the axe into Niva’s hands* We went through the chocolate mounds and battled some kick butt beasts.

I can go on and on about event content and more because I have years and years of archived pictures and News stories not to mention a massive 5+ page directory mostly dedicated to the shard EMS. In Dudleys Two or almost Three years? (You old Fart) never before have we ever gone a single month with no events, not one single time! If the argument is he doesn’t do enough or hosts lame events then you really need to examine everything as I have. The one thing I wish would change is for the storylines to not have a prewritten ending. The only thing we affect as players is how we get there and it feels like a play so I would like to see alternative endings created.

I have written allot and I do encourage people to share their opinions and nothing I have written was to offend previous posters but this is how I truly feel and I do feel the Ems intention to give event prizes to Chesapeake players is a genuine and noble one but I also feel its outcome is a negative one and needs to be reworked, especially the contests and tournament one because some of us put insane amount of hours into them and yes people can say well then don’t partake in them. To that my reply will be “Just remember the professional designers did not compete” Which by the way I am mad that someone I feel designs better than I did not enter.