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[EM News]Hall of Commons Report 1/29/12

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Hall of Commons Report
HoC Building, Britain
January 29th 2012

Announcements - EM Drosselmeyer

Keg and Anchor Gossip
For those of you who were at the tavern with Miss Symeria you know that there's been unrest lately, and the nobles are squabbling. Sherry seems to have heard some of the same things as well though apparently a Lord Cauthon of Trinsic confided to Miss Symeria well, shouted and ranted really. That that miserable Lord Caleb has been accusing him of kidnapping Caleb's son. You'll get your chance to delve a bit deeper into what's going on with that as one of the many paths on the static event on Tuesday.

EM Event Thursday the 9th or Friday the 10th
Aside from the static going live on the 31st, there will be another event on...either Thursday the 9th or Friday the 10th, depending which my actual schedule permit In which we're going to have lots of death mayhem and destruction.Whichever day it is the event will start at 8:30 PM EST (I'll post which day for certain tomorrow night on the EM Forums)

The Static Quest
The large static quest starts on Tuesday and the last two paths are going to frustrate, demoralize, and confuse. I hope you've either got amazing levels of ingenuity, or incredible amounts of perseverance Preferably both.
Each of the paths has their own starting point and these will be posted on the EM Forums as well HOWEVER As I mentioned that the 6th path is difficult, obnoxious, and debilitating. The sixth and final path will not have a posted 'starting' point. I'll post a simple riddle/hint to where it starts and if you do the other paths, it will make sense.

More Information On The Static Quest

  • Static Quest launches Tuesday Night at 9pm EST
  • Starting locations will be noted in the EM Forums except for the 6th path which will only be given a hint/riddle to where it starts
  • The last few, the 6th in particular are meant to be despicably difficult
  • The first few paths are easily doable by most players
  • There will definitely be many times where your life and sanity will be in danger
  • "Especially if a sentence with a Keyword has a strange usage of capitalization near a Keyword"
  • If you get stuck and think it's EM Drosselmeyers fault, please email him immediately at [email protected]
  • Very likely there's a half dozen puzzles, codes and ciphers in the second to last path alone
  • The last path has 6 ciphers, three riddles, a few puzzles...so far
  • The two hardest paths, the 5th and 6th will have an additional requirement of emailing or dropping off an in game book, detailing what you did to get there, how it ended, and the 'end solution' to each path.

  • This is absolutely critical if you email the information include
    -Your Main Character Name
    -How you got to the end-Details
    -What was at the End-Details
    -The "End Solution" to each path

February Schedule of EM Events
A full February schedule will go up by next weeks Hall of Commons "HoC" Though I don't anticipate many of you to be around As it's Superbowl Sunday for our American colleagues and I can't guarantee I'll be around as it's my birthday But we'll see how things go!

Open Floor - Questions and Comments
Peesblossom: Anything bout SHE auctions beees - posted on chessy boards
EM Drosselmeyer:
Yes, I noticed that and I'd been told recently that Zelda and Rivi have not been well lately. I encourage everyone to check that thread and give your well wishes on the main chesapeake forum