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[Selling] EM Items


Stratics Veteran
Taking offers widely. may price them after that (Mostly items priced). All items on Atlantic.
My icq is 15926869.

Magincias Sheepdog Working Seriously [Plush Doll]

Elegant Pure Silver Trilkhai Sculpture - 575m

Souvenir Wishbone From A Mostly-Fried Rabid Giant Mutant Turkey - 375m

Pot Of Lard - 750m

Stuffy Harlequin Lion - 1.75p

Dread Lord Hilimitus Head - 400m

Severerd Head Of The Traitor Alderon, Scourge Of Britannia - 275m

Ancient Sigil-Crest Of A Once Powerful Magincian Noble Family - 275m

Melted Snow - 400m

The Haunted Bed That Rocked The Boy To Sleep - 1.5p

A Horde Minion Scarecrow - 550m

Cranky & Chubby Cats Doll - 750m

Santa's Sock Stolen By The Elves
*stealing event*

Dream Crystal Balls Set - 800m
A Snowy Scene Of Trinsic In Sir Dupre's Dream
A Snowy Scene Of Yew In Queen Dawn's Dream
A Snowy Scene Of The Crown Jewel In Hook's Dream

Hungry Ghost Skull Candles Set - 500m
Hungry Ghost Skull Candle (Hue 2752)
Hungry Ghost Skull Candle (Hue 2751)

Crate Of Goods Marked With The Zento Seal
Formosa Winter Reindeers
Aquarium Filled With Endangered Sea Life
The Good Carpenter's Table
A Terrible Mage Transformed By His Own Spell Into An Evil Cannibal Piggy
Fuddy Wuddys Oompha Festival Ale
I Survived Osiredons Revenge - 400m
A Vase Containing The Most Beautiful Musical Ingredients
The Demon's Dice And Cup - 800m
Spoiled Milk - 600m
The Favour Of Stratos - 2.5p
A Small Sandalwood Box; Though Plainly Built It Is Engraved With A Meticulously Intricate Ankh - 500m
Volatile Animated Weapon Replica
A Visitor From Another World, Observing Britannia For The Past 20 Years - 450m
Icy Flame - 1.75p
A Rolling Wave From The Deep Sea In Honor Of All The Creatures Who Live There - 1.75p
Balhae Winter Reindeers - 700m
Marble End Table
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