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All items listed below are for sale...ICQ (104072232) me to negotiate if youre interested...

Server birth pink "pillow" (no shipwreck title, pillow is huge) $$$SOLD$$$
Pure White Large Fish
Blaze Color Large Fish named "Pure Fire Big Fish "Formosa" 124 stones, Caught by Snow

Marksman Set (Feathernock quiver and Swiftflight Bow)$$$$$SOLD$$$$$
"I Participated In The PvP Tournament On Oceania 11/02/04" Leather gloves
Non shipwreck small paintings "Portrait" (no shipwreck tag)
Special Hair / Special Beard Dye Set (1 of each bottle)
Ship Claim Ticket (CAN be locked down safely)
Royal Botanist's Trowel / Rotten Seed set (Atlantic EM item set)
Lake Superior Fishing Contest fishing pole
Royal Britannian Navy bootes (blessed)
Green Holiday Cheer (EM item, neon green cider jug)
Wig (sever birth item)

Below are the uber rare, hard to find or 1 of a kind items...

"A Jug of Ewan's Cider" (Regular jug graphic with unique name, obtained from Ralph Lauren of Sonoma just after Xshards became available -Only 1 I have ever seen in existance. Extremely old pre EM quest item) $$$$$$$SOLD$$$$$$$

"Bowl of Crane Soup" (Special unique 2tone electric blue color bowl. EM item thread listed it at 4-8 I believe in existance. Ive got the only 1 I have seen for sale/trade in years.)

"Participant In The Death Knight Tourny 2005" (Golden tok dye color hued mug, with special name above) Extremely hard to find, not sure on exact #s, its somewhere in EM item thread.

"Day of the Dead" (Uniquely named, 100% 1 of a kind skull candle, normal hue, extremely old from a Halloween event over 7-8 plus years ago on Atlantic)

"A Bottle of UBB 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Wine" (Extremely old seer item from Atlantic shard for 2nd Brit Blacksmith guild anniversary.)

"First Prize - Scavenger Hunt - Summer Festival" (Extremely old seer event item from Atlantic shard. Only 1 in existance, 2nd and 3rd place sashes were destroyed by GMs when Xanthars museum was confiscated. This is the only 1st place sash given out for the event, and now the only one left in existance since GMs deleted 2nd and 3rd place)

"For Further Study, Visit: Http:// www. uo. com" open book graphic (100% uniquely named open book, given to me by a GM over 6 years ago. Owned from creation by myself, 100% 1 of a kind. And as far as I am aware, the only old uber rare with the uo.com site ever written on it)

Theres the list, PLS icq me if you are interested to hammer out a deal. Only interested in GOLD, or trade for equally as valuable EM items or uber old rares. PLS no cash offers.

Thanks in advance for the long read....(ICQ 104072232)


**BUMP** AUGUST 18th 530pm East Time.

All remaining items still for sale and on display at my Luna plot on Atlantic.