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EM Games to Play in Project: Gorgon


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
We have been testing out some game ideas for use in Project: Gorgon. The mechanics we have to work with so far is monster drops, team scapegoats, a PvP Arena and timed PvP potions. If you have any other ideas, please share! And keep in mind, as with this Project Gorgon in general, games are still being tested so please offer me, the EM, feedback and info on anything that simply doesn't work. Thanks!

This is a scavenger hunt type game that encourages newer people to try crafting and further understand how skills build on each other. Each contestant or team is given a book with a list of items they must gather. Once gathered they must solve the riddle in the book to guess the location of the next book. Book number 2 will have another list of items that can be created by the items you have already collected plus a few easily obtained items from vendors. There are a total of 4 books, the last of which is turned in to the EM for the prize. First place is a level 20 legendary suit of a random combat skill. The first one was Animal Handling. Participation prizes can be dyes, gems, potions, crafting mats.

This quest can be completed by any level. A beginner player will have to go through the crafting steps to complete it, while a veteran may have the items stashed away on a mule. So far there is only one set of riddles to go with this quest. It general starts in the town of Serbule, and stays in the Serbule town or countryside. Looking up riddles in Google is not considered cheating.

This game takes place in Ivyn's fields outside of Serbule town. These fields are sometimes referred to as the Carrot Fields or the Football Field. Ideally, there are two teams that group up and start at either end of the fields. They must fight thier way inward to the middle where there is a red scapegoat and a blue scapegoat. Who's ever team's scapegoat is killed first, wins. Prizes are dyes, gems, potions or crafting mats.

This quest can be scaled to any level by using lower level monsters in place of the zombies. Also if the players wish an added obstacle, timed PvP potions can be used so players can keep the other team from getting to thier scapegoat. If the teams are not large enough, they can both start at the same end and coordinate in killing off the zombies until they get to the scapegoats.

Hide and Kill
For this game, the EM will gather the contestant or teams in Serbule town and give them a book. The book will have a riddle that gives a clue to a location. At this location, there will be another book, guarded by a monster or several monsters. Kill the monster and grab the book for the next riddle. The monsters will get progressively harder and each team will have a different route. First team to bring the last book to the EM, wins. All locations will be in Serbule Town or countryside. The prize will be an appropriate leveled legendary piece of gear in the winner's combat skill for each member of the winning team. Participation prizes are dyes, gems, potions or crafting mats.

This quest can be scaled to any level player by scaling the monsters appropriately.

PvP GAMES (note: there is no open world PvP. These games are totally optional)
PET MEYHEM: FFA, duels and tournaments with various rule sets in the Arena or with the use of timed PvP Potions.
DUELS: Various rule sets in the Arena or with the use of timed PvP potions.
Kill seas: Yup. This is an official game. No rules. Just do it. This speed hacker needs to be stopped!

Rule Sets:
with heals and buffs
-without heals or buffs
-with pets
-without pets
-Hardcore PvP Mode, which is permanent open world PvP with others that are in Hardcore PvP Mode. Other players not wanting to participate are safe.
-team arena ffa

Please, please reply if you have any other ideas!
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