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EM EVENT Thursday April 29, 2010 9pm EST

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Stratics Veteran
Event Time: Thursday, April 29, 2010. 9pm EST

-4 members per team maximum.
-Pirating is allowed, meaning you may kill members of a boat and jump on theirs.
-You must finish on YOUR boat. If you sail an opposing team teams boat to the finish line, you're out of luck!
-All templates are allowed, but pets MUST stay on YOUR boat. If they teleport to another boat, you will be DQed, so play with tamers carefully.
-Field spells are allowed.
-The winning team will pull up to land, all disboard, and hand me their ship. The team who does this first will be the winner.

This is a good old fashioned PvP event! Kill each other, or perform evasive manuever to sail to safety. Dirty tactics like throwing fishing nets and such are encouraged!

Boats will be named according to teams, and start/finish points will be revealed prior to the event! Hope to see a good turn out!
Not open for further replies.