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(Player News) [EM Event] Goodbye our Sweet Queen

  • Thread starter Lord Exmortis
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Lord Exmortis

As dusk approached the land of Sosaria I found myself roaming around Yew waiting for the people to arrive for the funeral of our Queen. I had not been in these parts for a long time. I had forgotten how beautiful it was here and how incredible the sight was of the trees in Yew. The sky was clear and the breeze from the water on my brow was very refreshing. Today was a perfect day for this memorial service….so I thought!

The notion of attending this funeral was weighing heavy on me and memories of my parents passing filled my head. The door of the empty hall then opened and Queen Mum entered the room. Seeing her friendly smile eased my mind of all the sad memories. Then solemn long faces of citizens from the land started to pile into the room, and the silence was deafening until Sherry the Mouse arrived and began to speak.

Sherry: This is a sad day for our people. I know we are all filled with grief. Not long ago, we had hopes that Clainin would recover and lead our people. When Casca saw to it that Clainin would never lead us, I along with others encouraged Lady Dawn to pick up her sword again and lead us in battle. She seemed happy. Ors, her husband, and she tilled the soil, they sowed seeds for their future, and they were rewarded with good crops. But we had a greater need for her abilities.

Sherry: We needed someone who was competent with a sword as well as intelligent. We needed someone who could negotiate with the Gargoyles, the Meer and the Empress of Tokuno. So Dawn left her warm, comfortable farm and came to our aide. When we asked her to lead us she accepted. We placed the circlet on her head. This was years ago. It was made of fine gold and had rubies and diamonds embedded in it. It did not seem heavy, yet the weight of it kept Queen Dawn up many nights.

Sherry: Dawn led us against and helped us defeat the Crimson Dragons Melissa, Casca, Andrew. I saw Queen Zhah meet with our Queen the night before our Queen decided to imbue her weapon. Often Queen Dawn would have dignitaries meet her privately and they would discuss tactics into the early morning….

Then out of nowhere the darkness of a foul stench and a loud booming voice sent chills up our spines.

Virtuebane: *points to Ricardo*
Virtuebane: YOU!
Virtuebane: I know you have it!
Virtuebane: One of my Chosen told me. Time to die!
Ricardo: *spews blood and dies*
Virtuebane: *takes the crystal*
Virtuebane: *evil grins* My Chosen serve me well.
Virtuebane: The crystal is now mine.
Virtuebane: And now for the sword!
Virtuebane: Who has it?

Then the battle ensued and the crowd was frantic as some scrambled for the door while others drew their swords to engage the foul beast. Bodies of the citizens began to pile up and the healers worked feverishly to bring them back into the mortal world in order to fight again

Virtuebane: I will ask you once more.
Virtuebane: Where is the sword!!
Virtuebane: The Bane chosen are prepared
Virtuebane: to slay any and all who
Virtuebane: try to test the worthless humility sword.
Virtuebane: One of you is hiding it.
Virtuebane: Bah! You puny mortals have wasted enough of my time
Virtuebane: My chosen will destroy you! Finish them!

Then the onslaught of Blackrock Golems descended upon us. The fight began in the hall and quickly moved outside. As we defeated one Blackrock golem another appeared to replace its fallen brother. Our heroes were becoming weary and the mages and healers were almost spent. It seemed as if this battle would never end but finally the last golem fell to its demise.

Daniel Ravens who was exhausted from the battle regained his strength and instructed us to follow him. It was time to put to rest our fallen Queen.

The final resting place of our queen was beautiful. The entombment was located on a small peninsula overlooking the deep blue waters. The crowd who was weary and tired stood still and listened to Daniel as he spoke in tribute of Queen Dawn.

Daniel Ravens: My Queen
Daniel Ravens: On the night before this tragedy
Daniel Ravens: I spent time and had tea with
Daniel Ravens: my dear friend. Dawn.
Daniel Ravens: Not the Queen,
Daniel Ravens: Not the fighter
Daniel Ravens: a friend.
Daniel Ravens: *chokes back a tear*
Daniel Ravens: She spoke of her concern and love for Ors,
Daniel Ravens: why he had not been found.
Daniel Ravens: She knew I was looking for him.
Daniel Ravens: How she wanted to lead a search for him.
Daniel Ravens: but she had a duty to lead her kingdom
Daniel Ravens: and eliminate the oppressive foe,
Daniel Ravens: and there she died by her husband’s hand.
Daniel Ravens: *sniff*
Daniel Ravens: compelled by Virtuebanes spell.
Daniel Ravens: Dawn was my queen and your queen.
Daniel Ravens: I was never one for pompous royalty
Daniel Ravens: Dawn was humble.
Daniel Ravens: She acted without bragging of her accomplishments.
Daniel Ravens: In the end
Daniel Ravens: We let her down
Daniel Ravens: We did not guard her well when
Daniel Ravens: she was preparing her sword.
Daniel Ravens: So Now I say good bye to two long loved and trusted friends.
Daniel Ravens: Ors
Daniel Ravens: and Dawn
Daniel Ravens: Ashes to ashes
Daniel Ravens: Would any of you like to say a word?

With that the folks of Sosaria began to pay their tributes and placed flowers at her grave…there was not a dry eye among the viewers and I could not bring myself to look down at the freshly disturbed soil. For in doing so would bring back heart breaking memories for me.

Miri: She is in the arms of the angels now.
Rei: I will miss her.
Kupoking: Let your memory live on as British does within our hearts.
Queen elf sandy: I didn’t know her well but she was our queen.
Kryechton: From humble beginnings, she became a beacon for us all now. Let her light shine in our hearts forever more.
Stavros: May the light you have shown us live on through the memory we carry of thee.

The end of the ceremony saw Daniel kiss his finger and place it on her grave. He then vanished into the forest. The rest of us just stood there. Mournfully silent the people placed more flowers and began to leave the resting place one by one. Finally all that was left was our Queen and the beautiful peaceful view of Yew for eternity.