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[EM Event]2011 Feelin' Crabby Angling Tournament

Lord Gareth

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2011 Feelin' Crabby Angling Tournament
By: Elder EM Dudley

Original Post

Achievements will be recognized for accomplishment in the following areas:

Vessel Achievements
Most Crustaceans (Lobsters and Crabs of any type)
Most Crabs (any type)
Most Lobsters (any type)
Most Big Crustaceans (Crabs and Lobsters of any type with name of person catching and date appropriate to tournament window)

Individual Angling Achievements
Most Named Catches as a result of weight, e.g. "caught by" (Crabs and Lobsters)
Heaviest Crab (Any type)
Heaviest Lobster (Any type)

Registration for the 2011 season will open on 5/25/2011 and close on 9/6/2011 . Meet at the Sons of the Sea Guild in Trinsic at 6pm ET for registration. Vessels may begin fishing as soon as registration is complete. Registration books are available from the Sons of the Sea guild (EM RPCs) and must be returned to them upon completion.

Registration will be open for the entire duration of the Angling Tournament. You may participate in any hosted fishing events, you do not need to register on day one, but realize the longer you are in it, the more Crabs & Lobsters you will catch! Only crustaceans caught during an open tournament window will count in the tournament.

You may use any bait you have available.

Each tournament window will feature up to 5 (five) special crustacean types that will exist as combat encounters. These encounters will be randomly placed throughout the waters of Trammel and will have on their corpse a lootable timered item that can be turned in for the equivalent of 500 lobsters/crabs.

Vessel and Crew Regulations
One vessel (one boat) may have up to 5 crew, with one crew member acting as "captain" of the ship. The Captain of the ship holds all naming rights to a vessel. Individuals need to keep their catch separate from other anglers in order for those items to be counted towards individual achievement. Townships are encouraged to sponsor crews in this tournament, but you do not have to be a citizen of a township to participate!

Weigh Ins

Weigh-ins will occur only during fishing events hosted by the Sons of the Sea. Only those crustaceans caught during the tournament window (tournament window is generally a four to six hour period) are eligible for enter.
Only crustaceans bearing the name of the angler who landed said crustacean will qualify as big fish. Otherwise they will be counted as normal crustaceans.

These rules may be amended as necessary to account for changes in the event dynamic, as deemed fit by the Sons of the Sea Guildmaster.