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Unique EM Crafted Fur Boots - dyed Europa Gold


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Stratics Legend
usually not worth alot. not sure when it stopped, but you used to be able to make characters with "EM" in the name. so not sure if it was even made by actual em. if it was a popular EM, there might be some value to it but ive never heard of that one. im really not sure what its worth, if has value at all. probably the same as others, hard to price, why you havent gotten any response.


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Yeah that name is not listed as a current or former EM anywhere. No reference in the item database either.

If you could still put EM in a character name after Europa gold cloth appeared you may be right on that one unfortunately.
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Ah, that sucks, but I think ur right. So basically its only worth its weight in Europa Gold Cloth :)