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Elven Song Community Center Launches 20MILLION Lottery!

Inkboy the Wild

Stratics Veteran
The Elven Song Weekly Lottery Has Launched with a 20 MILLION gold starting jackpot!

Yours truly, Inkboy the Wild, has launched the weekly lottery to be drawn on Saturdays at 10pm Eastern Time at the Elven Song Community Center.

Tickets cost 1,000gp per selection. Please visit the Community Center (if you are unfamiliar with it's location, ask a K^S member or exit Luna from the North gate and run straight until you reach the three story white marble) and read our book which contains the rules and entry process for the lottery. As well as a mailbox to deposit your selections.

Players who match two out of four numbers will receive 1,000gp and those who match three out of four numbers 5,000gp.

If there is no jackpot winner, 40% of all proceeds will be rolled into the next weeks jackpot drawing! The remaining 60% of proceeds will be split evenly between the Elven Song Raffles and Minoc Governorship expansion fund.

The jackpot will continue to roll over until we have a winner, at which point it reverts to 20 million.

We look forward to seeing you at our live, weekly, drawings! Your feedback is welcome!