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Closed EC Bugs -- More to be fixed

Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Hey Guys,

Ive been reading some posts from a while back about bugs in EC, some said that they will be addressed in Pub 89, well many issues seems to be popping up again:

1. Containers still pop up behind each other and if your back pack is on top and locked down, forces you to move it all to get that container from behind the back pack.

2. With the last patch put onto TC a couple days ago, Healthbars now get stuck on screen, You kill the monster, the dragged health bar stays up, very difficult if you drag various bars at a time, as they all clog up your screen very quickly. This happens on all shards now, tried it in various shards.

3. Hit closest enemy is still messed up. You can still target an enemy that is behind a wall and not attack the one sitting by your side..... This is for me is the biggest game killer..... Nowadays with the technology out there, we should be able to set the character to always attack the closest thing and not target something that theoretically cant be seen as its in another room behind a wall or door.... Especially frustrating when doing champs spawns as if you have fast hitting mobs or strong ones, the time it takes to manually hit the monster next to you, you can be dead by then.

4. Charges on items not showing up in backpack or container...

5. (Dungeons) This one not so much about EC or maybe it is..... Monster that sit on your same spot but they cant be hit as they seem to be floating in the air.... Is this because CC and EC are not in balance with each other, especially frustrating when you can only target that monster ontop but cant hit it.

Hope this can help to sort any bugs or any future ones that may arise.
Goodluck and keep squishing the bugs.


Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
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