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Earthrise - first inpressions


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Stratics Legend
Well, game brings me memories from Anarchy Online, Tabula Rasa and Star Wars Galaxies.

AO because launch is horrible, more like beta with pay. Lags, bugs, offline zones, lost characters, lost items, you name it... hehe. AO have had one of the worst launches, but this is atleast as horrible.

Tabula Rasa, is what game looks a like. Earthrise is Sci-Fi game with FPS fighting element. No auto-attack, no target lock, just good old point and shoot, kite and straffe, jump and sprint. Love it.

SWG (Pre-CU) because it has samekind of pointing ALT / TAB system, and there are no levels, but skills.

Game has no levels, its skill based, and there are absolutely no skill limitations. All are based on battle points (BP), more you kill, more skills you can get. Skills seems to be morely like attacks etc.

Grafting is part I havent much of tested yet, but peoples seem to like it. Also, no limitation what you can build, its based of crafting points.

Gear playes major role, they are from tier 0 to 10, and they gives you hitpoints, stamina and energy... nothing else does. But as far as I have noticed, best stuff comes from grafting, no epic camping here.

There is 2 factions plus neutrals, all can kill all, even your own peoples... yeah, PK's. Actually its like Age of Conan PvP, but you have to use "force attack" to kill peoples what share same faction, but you can kill them, and loot them. Only loot safe is what you have insured, and you can only insure what you are wearing... nice

Gaming community seems to be ex-AO, ex-Darkfall, ex-Pre-CU SWG, ex-Fallen Earth players, so its solid PvP peoples. O-Forum is full of whining, flaming and all kinds of stupidity, love it.

Game looks nice, music is awesome, but like I said, its still nearly beta phase. Devs do work for these problems, sometimes on fly. But I like this, it has loads of potential.

Hope to see you guys here, dirt napping with me.

Copied from another forum with friendly author's permission. Thanks!