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Dye hues


I know how to find the number of the hue with the deco tool, but how do you find it on the tub? I am so frustrated. I dyed some carpet a few months ago and would like to make it larger but can not find hue1626 on a tub.


Stratics Veteran
I use EC with Pinco's UI
when using a dye on a dye tub
you have these options on the bottom

click on target color
then target the carpet tile
it will change the dye tub to that color (if it is an option)

I actually did this for a guild member on Atlantic
(someone had clicked on carpet tiles and they disappeared)


I would be willing to help you
if you want to tell me what shard you are on
(I know some people don't like EC & won't download it
but there are some great things you can do with the client)