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Drops Pin


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Its far too quiet in here so someone tell me some SL story.

Whats your latest drama?
Meet any nice folks lately?
Find any fab new sims to explore?
Got a pic to share?
Won any good contests?
Getting married?

As for me I've had far too much drama of late but maybe that just makes life interesting. :p

I got a new job in SL that I'm really enjoying working with some SL singers.

I've been meeting alot of new people and having an overall great time in SL.

So what up people tell me about your SL!!


*picks up pin, then scolds Niki for leaving prim litter about* :p

Not much really been happening with me. It's been a fairly quiet new year so far, so I've been able to kick my home-building business into high gear.

Now all I need is to figure out how to set up my vendor, and find places to put it. :)


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*Points up at Kat*

If anyone needs a house builts shes definitely the one to see! Her houses are awesome! :)

I'm trying to think who I know that might be able to help get the vender set up....I'll let you know if I come up with someone. I suppose finding a place to rent isnt an issue its finding the right place.


I acquired one of the winter marketplace parcels and have had a ball building for a succession of holidays. Most people plopped down their existing stuff and walked away. My friend (an SL Kid) and I seem to be the only ones who have been active.

I made videos of most themes for an SLDPW portfolio, and learned how to make custom catches for my 7Seas area. The Donner region land has Chinese New Year shirts and shoulder pals available to fish out at present.


Stratics Veteran
Having a look over the forum i notice thus thread. I go to type something witty then realise you dropped that pin 2 years ago and its still up top of the forum.... Dag nabbit this is a quiet forum.... ^^