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Paytience Fawn

She rolled the key over in her palm, manipulating its motions with her fingers. The room was barren save for the unmade twin bed. Placed between the sliding door and the lone piece of furniture, her every breath seemed to echo off the stone walls.

Disassociated, the heart pounding in her chest was unlikely enough... her own. Why did it feel like someone else's?

"I do like it. I like it better knowing you picked it out."

"I picked out the bed too. I picked it big so if you get lonely I can sleep over."

Slamming the memory closed, that distant feeling removed itself with a quickness. Cold followed by heat seeped into her conscious mind, into her shoulders... into her soul. Edged in pain and buried in sorrow images of two tiny legs sticking out of her chair as she slid open old doors wormed their way past the battlements of her walls.

The gate snagged on the image of Bright green eyes as the words, "I'm glad you're home." danced across his little lips.

Her knees were buckling, weren't they? No. No. No. No! The floor rushed up beneath her but she caught herself and straightened her spine. Lead weights had somehow replaced her boots as she lifted first one foot and then the other in an attempt to escape.

Let me make it to the door...

He didn't exist here. This was another cell, another place where the memories would roast her on a spit and let the remnants of her psyche drip from the bone. No.. he existed out there. Out where he could still be a child, could still be...

The portcullis crashed and the bridge came apart in shreds. Her boots moved, but the wall had already broken and the vertical curtain of tears could no longer be stopped.