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Dragons in the Sky


A great stir was happening this morning. Seems that the astronomers gathered together in Moonglow in hast as news spread that a new star constellation had been seen in the telescope. Every one of these learned Astronomers agreed that this new discovery looked to resemble, a dragon. Just what this star constellation might mean was bathed in mystery, but there was indeed a sense of foreboding

Governor Shenzin sent word to the Governor of Moonglow of the new discovery by his own Astronomer, Sosarian; and confirmed by all the great Astronomers upon their own viewing. Indeed, this was a new of note and truly depicts a Dragon crouching. Most amazing news!
Written by:
~Governor Shenzin

( OCC: Soon I will announce a Contest/Event for Moonglow a contest, the turn in item for the contest will be Star charts which must be dated this year in the month of Feb with the theme Dragons or DragonStone ~Daenyra )

A new messenger bird had arrived in the owls' loft this morning and had stirred quite the commotion, Raghara was not fond of sharing his loft, the screaming owl the flapping around of birds and straw flying around the entranceway to the castle chambers made quite the alarming noise to awake to. Scrabbling around the room for robe and shoes I manage to dress warm enough for a short time to go see what in the world was going on. Opening the outer door the mess in the entryway was unbelievable, straw was strung everywhere, bird droppings all up and down the stairway. Perched on the edge of the loft gazing down at me as I tippy-toe through the droppings trying not to step in them, Raghara, the owl, his soft coo a sign of trying to calm me I suppose, when actually he was who had needed to be calmed. Climbing the ladder to the loft I am confident it wasn't something up there to harm me or else Raghara would now not be so calm. As I get towards the top of the ladder peeking my head over the flooring I can see a small Dove in the corner huffing and puffing from trying to stay far enough away from the owl so as not to be devoured by the angry owl, scolding Raghara I shake my finger at him, " You can't go trying to eat the messengers, how will I learn things and hear from anyone if you eat the messenger birds?" shaking my head in disapproval, knowing that the owl was the least of the worries for messengers, one swoop through the air and the dragons could have taken it out. Scooping up the poor Dove I remove the note tied to its leg, unrolling the parchment the seal of Britain is revealed and I can see the signature of the Governor at the bottom. Quickly scanning over the words, I begin to smile, then to a furrowed brow, with worry. A new constellation, one that even resembles a dragon, a very nice thought but with that will also come people to the astronomer's tent by the giant telescope on Moonglow. Thats ok keeping them at that side of the island will be ok. So I just wonder what this new constellation will be named......
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