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Dragon Season: Guild Missions FAQ


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Ah its nice to see some really good information out there from our Greek brothers and sisters from Dragon Season about Guild Missions. I myself have been busy with the live story and there was a little bump in the road concerning Guild Missions which ArenaNet delt with real quick as soons as the patch came out.


Guild Missions FAQ

Written by:
3/1/2013 10:09 AM

The storm that Tilion's recent weather forecast warned us about has eventually arrived. For the time being it appears to be a very light one, without any large scale manifestations. Soon however - specifically, in less than 24 hours - this is going to change dramatically with events which will cause large groups of Tyria's inhabitants to move in waves. A typhoon of high scale is expected to hit many areas, upsetting the local populace. It's name is Guild Missions.

A lot of information has already circulated on the internet regarding this new content which, in effect, will be activate as of tomorrow. Personally, I find dulfy.net to be absolutely number one in anything related to data and instructions and detailed descriptions about every little thing related to Guild Wars 2. So there I was, happily reading the related article, after already having gone through everything else out there on the topic, when I decided I'd write a post on the greek forum of DragonSeason.com aiming to explain, in brief, to our Greek readers what these Guild Missions is all about. Among those who read my post was, naturally, my dear Tilion. Parenthesis: to anyone who is not fortunate enough to know him, Tilion is the kind of person who can send a couple of words your direction and have you embark on a 2 hours' or 2 days' trip with them alone - end of parenthesis. He goes then: "why don't you translate it in English so we can post it on our international forum section as well?". As soon as I informed him that the translation is ready, he says - almost as if talking to himself: "all this needs now is a little banner and it's ready...". Unforeseen as it was, I found myself with this here article in my hands!

Q : What are Guild Missions?

A : They are a new set of events that have been added to the game with the 02/26/2013 update. Their aim is to promote and reward cooperation among the players of a guild - and also the working together between different guilds.

Q : What types of Guild Missions are there?

: There are 5 types-categories of Guild Missions at the moment (28/02/2013):

Guild Bounty > Guild Treks > Guild Rushes > Guild Challenge > Guild Puzzle
[in the order we unlock them, as seen in the following image /dulfy.net/]

Q : What is each Guild Mission type about?

A : In short, each mission type has the following theme-goal:
vBounty : at the order of the Orders of Tyria, we must seek and destroy a number of Bosses on different maps, within a specific time limit.
vTrek : we must discover and visit a location somewhere in the entire world of Tyria, through clues given to us by a member of the Tyrian Explorer’s Society.
vRush : we must make our way through traps and treacherous grounds, in the company of our guildies as a prequisite and a necessity - otherwise death will be swift! Oh, a little something I forgot to mention: we must do this while transformed to some pathetically weak animal, with its respective skills.
vChallenge : team work, at its zenith. A combination of rush and trek and defend and anything else you can think of. It requires many people and very good coordination to pull this one off.
vPuzzle : the mother of challenges, is has been described as a “puzzle and a jumping challenge all in one!”. It requires cooperation between many groups of people, working together to overcome the obstacles and reach the treasure chest at the end of the course.

Q : How many Tiers are there in each GM type?

A : The first 2 types have 3 Tiers each, while the last 3 only have 1 Tiereach.

Q : Where can I find them?

A : Guild Mission (events) can take place in various parts of the world, depending on their type. Most of them are played out in the openworld and so anyone can participate - much like ordinary dynamicevents. An exception to this are the Puzzle-type missions which present their own map - something equivalent to the existing mini-dungeons in the game.
vBounty : anywhere in the world, we must follow the clues given to us [open-world].
vTrek : anywhere in the world, we must follow the clues given to us [open-world].
vRush : so far, known locations are: Manbane’s Outcrop (Diessa Plateau), Southsun Shoals (Southsun Cove), Mountainroot Lair (Harathi Hinterlands) [open-world].
vChallenge: anywhere in the world, as an extension of dynamic events [open-world].
vPuzzle : only two locationsare known, each with their own (new) waypoint: Langmar Estate waypoint (Plains of Ashford), Proxemics Lab Waypoint (Brisban Wildlands) [mini-dungeons].

Q : How do we gain access to Guild Missions;

A : The process of activating Guild Missions is the following:
1.we meet the prerequisite conditions (see table)
2.we research said GuildMission type
3. we build said GuildMission type
4. we activate an instance of said GuildMission type
Steps (1& 2) we do only once for each Guild Mission type-category while steps (3 & 4) every time we want to 'run' one such event.

Q : Who can kick off a Guild Mission?

A : Typically, only the Officers of each guild have the right to manage Guild Missions - specifically those who have been given the respective role through the permissions in the guild panel.

Q : How much time does unlocking each Guild Mission take?

A : The required time is shown on thistable. Note, however, that the "estimated unlock time" may be reduced by 25% by spending an additional 75k influence points. Consequently, to unlock a certain type-category immediately, your guild must spend in addition to the "unlock cost" an extra:4x75k=300k influence points.

Q : What are the rewards for our participation in each Guild Mission?

A : The rewards for successfully completing a Guild Mission (event) are:
von a guild level : Guild Merits (currency)
von a personal level : Guild Commendations (token)

Q : What are these Guild Merits and what can I do with them?

A : A guild spends influence points to activate each Guild Mission instance (event) and in return it reaps Guild Merits.There is a weeklycap on how much Guild Merit a guild can earn, per Guild Mission type–see this table. Using theseGuild Merits a guild unlocks the next in queue (type of) Guild Mission and also purchases various buffs for its members – see the respective table in dulfy's article.

Q : What are these Guild Commendations and what can I do with them?

A : Each member of a guild which has started a Guild Mission event and has successfully completed it is rewarded with a certain number of Guild Commendations. Conditions to be met in order to receive this reward:

vto be representing said guild during this event
vto be actively participating for the duration of the event
v to complete the event in a successful way
The number of Guild Commendations earned from each event type appears (n.b. in the official wiki) to be 2, regardless of the type of the event or its Tier. It still remains to be seen whether there will be any kind of weekly cap to these tokens as is the case in Guild Merits. The NPC (vendor) that sells items in exchange for Guild Commendations is located near the Bank NPC, in the familiar central building in Lion’s Arch. To browse through these items see the table in dulfy's article.

Q : Please refresh my memory: influence points are.... err?

A : Influencepoints are earned for almost anything we do inside the game. These are added to the reserves of the guild we represent while earning them and this is why it so utterly important to always represent some guild. There is a second means of increasing our guild's influence points: through consumables sold by GuildPromoters located in each major city in Tyria. The cost is fixed to 2 silver per 10 influence points. For instance, one Letter ofCommendation yields to the guild we are representing when we use it 10.000 influence points. Its price is 2 gold – or, alternatively, 4 Guild Commendations (tokens) plus 20 silver & 16 copper, at the aforementioned vendor NPC.
(this yields an informal rate of 44
silver & 96 copper per Guild Commendation)

Q : Where on earth do you get all this information from, anyway?

A : Well, where else? From our familiar and reliable sources!