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Draconis Lumenis



Draconis Lumenis is a guild on the Order side of the Azazel server of WAR with a rich tradition and history dating back from its roots in DAOC. The guild is social in nature and has something for everyone, from casual gamers to power gamers, from those who love crafting to those who can't seem to get enough RVR. Its members range from young members who have never seen the original Star Wars movies to those old enough to have seen Sean Connery as James Bond while Thunderball was still in the theaters, furthering the idea that there is something for everybody.
The guild's key tenet is to encourage a fun atmosphere for all of its members, alliance members, and the realm as a whole. After all, the reason we play games like WAR is to have fun, and the officers and its members are dedicated towards this one goal. Although the concept of "having fun" is broad, the officers are constantly adjusting and adapting to the game's current trends and evolutions, leading instance events, RVR raids, etc. -- depending on what would be most fulfilling for its members at that time.
Occassionally, the guild has been known to get ambitious and lead realm-wide raids against its enemy. On more than one occassion has Draconis Lumenis rallied the Albion army of Morgan Le Fay to successfully retrieve and defend the relics. Since WAR is designed to have RVR as its focal point, it would not be surprising to see this same ambition rear itself again. There would be no doubt that Draconis Lumenis will again rise to the same prominence it held in its previous games.
In the end, after all is said and done, Draconis Lumenis is a guild that all of its members can look back to and say with the utmost sincerity, "I had a great time with that guild." And isn't that what truly matters?
To apply or learn more about the guild, please go to the guild website at www.draconislumenis.com
Or contact an in game officer:
Mcloven, Mocha
Zweig, Kount