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Down A Rabbit Hole

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.” ---JRR Tolkien

Stirring suddenly, Aedon sat up sending the book he had been reading crashing to the floor. Blinking, he looked around trying to get a clear sense of just what sort of hole he had found himself in this time. Picking the book up off the ground, he looked at the cover and then laid it aside on a nearby table.

“I have got to stop reading the books in James collection. I am either down a hobbit-hole or rabbit-hole. Is there really much of a difference?”

Climbing the ladder to the next level, Aedon poured himself a cup of what he hoped was tea, and then headed further up and to the outside. He sat for a long time sipping the odd brew, and looking around the valley. He had not planned on being back here so soon. Had he thought so, he would have kept Connemara in a much better state. But Llyr and John had been hard at work clearing out the cob webs and putting things back in order. Perhaps tonight he would be able to sleep in his own bed again, but for now, he would at least be safe here.

“Hole sweet Hole” he said allowed as he offered his cup up in toast to the morning sky.

He had just finished his drink, and was considering taking a walk over to see how the work was progressing when Llyr came around the corner of the stone building next door.

“Morning Brother,” the elder said “Hope you passed the night in comfort.”

“I am fine Llyr. In fact, I was about to come check up on you and John. And frankly, I would love a cup of good tea.”

Grinning a bit, Llry looked at Aedon and said; “Well in that case, you are in good luck. The old girl was not in nearly as bad a shape as we feared. And in fact, I have come to bring you home.”

Had he not been trying to put on a show of strength for Llyr, Aedon would have shouted for joy. Instead, he looked at him and said;

“Then lead on, tea and perhaps a few biscuits would be most welcome right now. And perhaps a rest in my reading chair.”

Following the older, they made their way through the valley past shrubs and other buildings until they come to the large, towering building. As he walked up the steps, Aedon felt a rush go through his body as Connemara welcomed home her son and master. And though to the eyes of the unknowing the winter winds whipped up a cold northern chill, Aedon felt only the warmth of the balefire passing up through sod and stone, enveloping his weary soul in a feeling of welcome and peace.

Sitting on the steps of Connemara, Aedon held the cup of fine fae tea and allowed the vapors to pass over his face. Inhaling, he was filled with a sense of tranquility he had not known in some time. And though still far from his native soil and from those he loved, this was in his mind home.

He thought of the words Dramora had spoken to him;

“Go home to Janissan Aedon.”

But he knew all too well that Jan would never wish him to leave a job undone. Perhaps one day soon he would be back with his family. But if he left right now, with so much still to take care of. He would forever be sitting on the porch of their home outside Bree looking towards the sea and thinking of Aegis.