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[Tinkering] doubt with gargish earrings


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Im trying to make a decent gargish resist earrings, but have noticed that it only aplied arms lore bonus and no material bonuses.

My doubt is , is there any way to make a decent gargish earring with nice resists?

Or what item can i alter that use gargish earring slot?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
It's a shame that the material bonus does not apply. You can imbue earrings for higher resists and other mods, plus there are some artifact earrings. Otherwise glasses alter into earrings. Use caution though, I've read that hit lower defense does not work on altered mace and shield reading glasses. I don't know if the other altered glasses are bugged as well.


If you craft leather for humans and then for Garg you will notice a gigantic difference

Garg leather has soooo many more resists than human. Means you have to imbue less resists.

I was impatient when I made my garg suit, but I think I could probably make one with max (or close to it) with little to no resist imbues.

This probably more than makes up for the lack of extra resists on the earrings.

More leather resists = less resist imbues = more imbues available for extra stuff like hp, luck, whatever - on gargs

I actually ran out of things to imbue on my garg. It was all maxxed.