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DOOMSDAY CLOCK!!! BEWARE!!!111eleven111!!!

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Spaghetti Legs

I have to say...I've been chuckling at the "eleven" in the title every time I see it. :mf_prop:


it doesn't seem to work!!! Can you believe it, well anyways, all I get is a loading bar.

Well actually 2 loading bars.

I had my web browser load the page, and then another loading bar that seems to serve some sort of hypnotic purpose. I think that when the web page was loading, it was actually loading the graphic LOADING BAR! OMG, and then the animated loading bar never stops!

Loading bars loading loading bars, o y doesn't it just work already? AND Y so many loading bars anyways??? Grr :(


o rly...I'll be on vacation in Tennessee...someone should record it with a cam corder or w/e :( Because vacation or no, I don't have an account, and I don't have a PC, so I won't witness the fall of TSO/EAL/TSO-E. Which is very unfortunate considering that I always said that i would.


Looks like I not only lie to other people, but to myself as well. Life-2 Cookie-0


It worked when I first did it...got it on my Myspace page...hmmm...it works there


scroll down on the left...

Don't know why the direct link doesn't work...

And the times may be off by a few hours, as I thought it was going to end at 11:59:59 PM PST on July 31st, not (I think) 1:59:59 AM PST August 1st. So you've got two hours extra, and you can all yell at me for saying the game is gonna end before it actually does. :loser: Hey, I've got a tradition to uphold...

Cookie, I think the final moment is going to be non-eventful. One moment you'll be on, doing whatever...and the next moment you'll loose your server connection. And for anyone who's still doing the online pissing match of whining about who the "real" fans were, who stuck around to the bitter end :coco::coco::coco: well, hey, you still win the "you want a medal or a monument" prize for still being here on April 29th: You didn't "quit" the game that day -- the game quite you. Haha, sounds like something Yakov Smirnoff would say... :scholar: In TSO, you can always find party...