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[Sold] Done


Legendary Crusader
Selling some of my rares in this thread, all items are on Atlantic and ready to sell. Please either ICQ 691820408, Discord Archnight#9037 or PM if interested with an offer and we'll make a deal. Thanks :).


Items Sold:
- I Gave (my Life) And Took (this Wonderful Crystal)...
- Library Of An Ancient Necromancer
- Samhayne's Crooked Key Drop Spot
- The Most Precious Pirate Gargoyle Statue...
- Yamato Nadeshiko
- Sapling Of The Great Forest
- Silverware
- Tome Of Spells Used To Free Myr'Stix The Storm Wyrm
- Last Ice Of Winter
- Dead Lord Armor (Chest)
- Statue Of Energy Llamatex
- A Talisman Of People's Revolutionary Party...
- A Golden Brooch Brazed With A Symbol Of A Spider
- Jade Armband
- High Quality Lava Stone
- Hanarins Haetae Statue
- Statue (Two-Story)
- Skull Mug (Right)
- The Shirt Off Of An Unlucky Leprechauns Back
- A Dragon Prod
- Dragon's Secret Flower
- Headmount Of Karli The Onyx Dragon
- A Grand Dragon Weakening Potion
- A Single Rose Offered Freely To The Time Lord's Daughter
- Hatching Ice Dragon
- Severed Head Of A Tormented Wyrm
- Valentine's Bloodbath
- Skull With Candle
- Flowers From Moria
- Element Of Water
- Element Of Air
- Spittoon
- Covered Chair (Facing South)
- A Passionate Rosebush Augmented With True Beauty
- Raider Pocket Notebook
- Taper Of Sacrifice
- Make Our Hearts One
- Cats House
- A Meer Dream Catcher
- Heart Of The Inferno
- Horance's Firedoom Staff
- Mysterious Fruit
- A Perfect Pumpkin From Harvey's Collection
- I Rolled The Dice And Won Playing Lets Make A Deal...
- Necronomicon Manuscript Used By Maverick...
- A Scrap Of Memory Torn From The Mind Of Charlotte...
- The Cheater's Dice And Cup
- Golden Man Suit
- Cursed Candles From A Demonic Ritual
- A Corrupted Shard Of The Gem Of Immortality
- A Patch Of Lucky Clovers
- Trap Training Dummy
- A Decanter Of Cold Chocolate Milk
- Hydrangea Flower

- A Rain Puddle Created By Magical Pixies...
- Gingerbread Boards
- Soul Sepulcher
- A Gemmed Chalice Containing The Dark Blood Of...
- A Petal From The Golden Lotus Of Heaven
- A Window Light From The Christmas Yeti
- Grandmother`s Knitting Set
- Golden Fleece
- Knitting Kit Used By Grizelda The Witch
- A Baby Dragon Rescued From The Grasps Of Poachers
- The Mystical Candelabra Of Forgotten Souls...
- Cryokinetic Fury Of Glacieus The Ice Daemon
- Pikky [Plush Doll]
- Heart Of The Inferno
- All Mesanna Saw Was These Footprints As I Walked...
- I Kept My Head Playing Mesanna Roulette
- Chinese Prosperity Horse
- Lenshire Clan Tabard
- Dead Lord Boots
- Great Lakes Crafting Contest - Third Place
- Champion Archer - First Place
- I Died Playing Mesanna Roulette
- Bound Antimatter Forming An Elemental Void
- An Unstable Blackrock Sigil Stone
- Twisted Soul Of The Ravenous Host
- The Fuddy Wuddy Goblins Treasure Box
- Cotton Candy
- Standard Livery Coat Of A Footman Of Castle Blackthorn
- A Blood Soaked Shirt Used At The Epic Drachenfels PvP
- A Blood Soaked Pants Used At The Epic Drachenfels PvP
- Silk Spun Shirt
- A Pendant Carved From An Ice Serpent Scale...
- A Siege Winch
- Young Cherry Blossom Tree
- Shattered Armor Granules Which Fell From...
- Heart Of The Ocean
- Thuban Of The Shooting Star Which Fell From Draco
- Scaffold
- The Eternal Flame Of Sosaria
- The Blazing And Glowing Net Used To Trap...
- Cursed Blackrock Artifact Of A Murderous Decree
- Declaration Of Trinsic Independence
- A Beautiful Sea Wave Of Tokuno
- Anju Sermani - A Magical Spell From Old Sosaria
- A Smiling Halloween Pumpkin Grown On Drachenfels (2015)
- Traveller's Tree, Carved With Mysterious Symbols
- A Large Spiritcap
- Emerald Crest of the Morrow Family
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Pampa DH

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
Just for clarification purposes there are at least 2 of the gloves in existence as I have one in the LS museum.