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Discussion: Roaming Monsters


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
I have organized, somewhat, last Saturday's Town Hall and will bring subjects here for further discussion. As the players Saturday learned, the devs want to know our thoughts and wishes. So please feel free to contribute!


nimor LOCAL well im in the field of AI so i like games that look alive :p

Dreadz LOCAL it may also allow players to work close together

Auriel LOCAL I like the way the mobs roam in the werewolf cave

nimor LOCAL ya

Auriel LOCAL very hard for me to solo, but fun

nimor LOCAL that doungen raly feel more alive then others

Auriel LOCAL I think so too.

Admin LOCAL interesting

nimor LOCAL static monsters just dosnt feel right

Dreadz LOCAL I agree.. I like roaming monsters

Admin LOCAL I have roamers in most dungeons but maybe they're too weak or too rare. like do you get tackled by the dinosaurs in the crypt? they should be running around

Auriel LOCAL I remember when you first got the goblins walking around and it was horrid. But it makes things better

Gremror LOCAL They dinasaurs run around?

nimor LOCAL i sow 2 monsters in tower today that looked like they fight each other it was very fun to watch

Auriel LOCAL only when they see youonly when they see you

Admin LOCAL the little ones are supposed to, yeah

Admin LOCAL oh, I bet it broke then :( okay I'll put it on the list


Stratics Veteran
Also a note on this, currently a couple people have been farming necro levels by AFK healing mobs in the Serbule Crypts. It's not a large problem right now, but it shows the very easy opportunity for botting to occur.

Roaming monsters would be a great idea to add some life to the areas while dissuading potential botters. More importantly, it also adds a little extra fun for dungeon groups.

Alucard and I wanted to suggest that monsters spawn at the back of dungeons and head towards the entrance in roaming squads, with an auditory alert for any players in the area. Soloers and groups have the chance to prepare for the upcoming difficult battle, or run if they need. If there are more people in the area, more roaming monster squads can occur.


And partially on the monster spawn train of thought, I wanted to suggest changing where some monsters spawn. Currently, they spawn after a certain time in the same positions, and that can be deadly to players who are unprepared or fighting another monster. If possible, monsters should spawn away from the player outside of aggro radius, and begin moving towards their original spawn locations (so that players cannot block spawns by spacing out evenly down a hallway)


Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
Roaming dungeon monsters < Roaming open-world monsters < Roaming, rare-spawn open-world monsters <<<<< Roaming, rare-spawn, TAMEABLE open-world monsters

But all varieties are quite nice. :)