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Disciples of the Blade - Order - Core - Ulthuan Server -



Disciples of the Blade is looking for recruits to help form the core of our Order guild on the Ulthuan server for the kick off of Warhammer Online. We have our own ventrilo server, as well as active forums located at our website: www.disciplesguild.com

Who We Are
DotB has existed as a community for over 10 years and has been active in several games including Tribes, UO, Star Wars Galaxies, Age of Conan, and World of Warcraft (where we still have an active and thriving guild of over 150 accounts today). Our forum remains very active, with 25-100 new posts/replies daily, and is full of banter as well as useful information on the games we play. We are a community of friends that caters to the mature gamer and we expect our members to be both respectful and helpful. We have had success in walking that fine line between being a hardcore guild and retaining a laid back atmosphere. - in WoW, we're well on our way through Black Temple. We understand that gaming is not your life, but we are still driven to organize with friends and have success and fun as a group. We are proud of the longstanding group that we've built and are looking to expand it.

What We're Looking For
If you are a mature gamer, age 16+, that is looking for a guild like ours, then we'd like to have you as a member. Please visit us at www.disciplesguild.com, post on our forums and introduce yourself. You can apply by clicking on the recruitment link located on our homepage or it can be accessed directly by clicking here.