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[Feedback] Disarm, Mortal, and Bleed testing.


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Finally got to do more in depth testing on these three new big changes.

Disarm, now applies a 10 second disarm immunity timer when performed using weapons.
Feedback: This one was tricky to properly test from my experience, it would seem as if the immunity timer started after the initial disarm debuff period. (An example: "Your confusion has passed, you may now arm a weapon!", and then the timer starts.) If this is the case it does not feel like a full 10 seconds, however I will admit it could be caused by flaws in my testing.

Suggestions: Would it be possible to give us a new Buff icon that looks exactly like the current Disarm Debuff icon (but blue or green instead), and have it start counting the 10 seconds when the immunity effect begins.

Comments: I personally like that the wrestling disarm is different that the weapon version as it may encourage more casters to shy away from mage weapons, but there is a fairly vocal bunch that is less than thrilled about said change. Possibly consider a 5 second wrestling disarm immunity instead if deemed truly necessary. I don't currently feel that it's needed at this time as mages rarely have hit chance, and the ability also cancels their spells, but for cautions sake I included this comment.

Mortal Strike, now grants eight second effect reduction once removed by non consumable and talisman items. Attempts to reapply Mortal Strike while the player is under effect reduction will scale the duration base on the last successful Mortal Strike.
Feedback: The description for this change is incredibly misleading and most likely also worded incorrectly. The way the move functioned on test was as follows: If mortal strike was removed by Cleansing winds or an enchanted apple, then the following mortal strikes would be scaled based on when they were reapplied in the eight second window.

Suggestions: If the move is currently functioning as intended then please clean up/remedy the description.

Comments: After testing I was generally happy with how the change (if it's accurate) was working.

Bleed, now grants five second effect reduction once removed. Attempts to reapply Bleed while the player is under effect reduction will scale the duration base on the last successful Bleed.
Comments: I was actually pleasantly suprised on how you went about addressing this move. For anyone that has not tested this yet let me explain; the five second effect reduction scales the duration of the next bleed based off of when you reapply the bleed in that five second window.

An example: I apply the initial bleed that will last 12 seconds, after the first bleed ends I immediately reapply another bleed (I am currently in the five second effect reduction window) which now lasts 2-4 seconds, I decide to wait at least four seconds of the five second window, and my next bleed now lasts 8-10 seconds.

So it is still very possible to chain multiple bleeds, the offender attacker in this case would just be getting less bang for his buck with this repeatitive maneuver.

I hope my testing was accurate and helpful in some degree, if you/anyone still requires some more feedback on the other specials please let me know. Until then I will be patiently waiting for the next update.
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