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Digital Edition Giveaway and Streamathon this week




Hey stratics.com, I’d like you to watch me stream as much Guild Wars 2 as possible this beta weekend. I will be streaming from around the time the Beta Weekend begins to around the time it ends, with very few breaks in between.

A little bit about me and my stream: I am a former World of Warcraft PvPer, getting several Gladiator and Grand Marshal titles (Vanilla and Cataclysm) so I would like to think that I know my way around MMO PvP, and can showcase some pretty high level play. I will be mostly playing Structured PvP, starting with the Elementalist class to test the new Conquest map, and then switching to other classes. Interacting with viewers is important to me, so of course viewers will have an input on what I do; I will be glad to play a certain class, or do specific things if people request it.

To sweeten the deal, I will be holding a contest and giving away several Digital Editions of Guild Wars 2 ($59.99 USD) out of my own pocket. Here is what you have to do to be considered:

1. Follow my twitter, and send me a tweet telling me what server I should roll on for release and why (I am a competitive PvPer looking for likeminded, skilled players to join at release, so keep this in mind when posting). Make sure to tell me your twitch name if it is different from your twitter name in your post. Also, I will probably be giving away a copy to the tweet I like the most at the end of the Beta Weekend, so try to make these tweets informative; 1 tweet per person please.

2. Follow my stream, and watch throughout the weekend. At various points in time I will use randomly select a tweet to award a copy to. If you’ve done the above, and are in my stream chat at the time I draw your name, you claim your Digital Edition of Guild Wars 2. I want to encourage people to watch (or at least listen, if you’re playing yourself), so if you’re not there to claim your prize, I will draw another random tweet. Of course, I will give people time to answer on twitter or in stream chat, and will tweet the winner.

So to anyone who doesn’t have a copy yet, or those people that have friends interested, please check out my stream this weekend. I understand a lot of people will be playing, but if you feel like you need a break, want to watch while eating, or just listen while you play, tune in! If you’re interested and would like to know more about who I am, check out my previous broadcasts on my stream or read up on my blog, where I discuss my thoughts on Guild Wars 2 so far as well as builds and anything else that I think up.