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Differences in pay for Wormhole activities


Stratics Veteran
Hi all,

Thought I'd give you a small update!

I have moved into a new corp, residing in a C5 wormhole.

Before that I was part of a major WH alliance, with over 100 active pilots on a weekly basis.

As part of an active corp, you'd do best to bear in mind that there can be differences in the pay-out structure for active pilots.
Some WH dwellers aren't able to run sites due to activity timezone differences but are capable of doing other stuff - ie. logistical transportation, scanning down stuff, recruiting people and all that fun background stuff - while being an active site-running member really pays off well.

Depending on the pay-out structure, corps can/will promote and pay for that background stuff that others don't see on a day-to-day basis. The payout for those activities can often exceed 250 million ISK per week, while being a big fat zero in other corps.

So I recently joined a new corp, where I am able to run sites as well as scan etc. And my payout has already exceeded 2.5 billion ISK over a few weeks with siterunning and pvp ops (usually 200-400 mill per evening). Talk about getting internet spacerich!

So keep in mind, that when looking for WH corps, you want to find one that are running sites in your timezone, or you'll find yourself being behind in ISK payout compared to the rest of the corp. Often you can find corps that are based on geographic locality, language or timezones. Even though that full timezone coverage is better for WH corps due to security issues, being in a corp where you have an opportunity to generate ISK for yourself is really a lot more fun.

Fly dangerously! o7


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
I've been with a few WH Corps/alliances. I've yet to have a good time as far as WHing goes :X

In my experience there the bulk of WHers already have small factions of people who have grouped up or partnered together in order to get sites done, and have grouped with other groups of that likeness to complete larger sites. I've even witnessed animosity between these groups and individual stubbornness when it comes to PvP. For example, I joined a WH group called uh, REPO if I remember correctly? For the first week, I pretty much got some T3s moved in, I socialized with people and got a good idea of what the alliance was looking for as a whole from it's newer members and I shipped accordingly (Loki, Proteus, Some mix command and BCs) and all in all just got the hang of WHs. The second week I tried to get in on some plex/site runs and was pretty much met with "You're cool and all, but we already have setup between myself and these other two people with multiple alts. There is no point in us having you do something we are already doing, we'll lose ISK." And then I noticed a rivalry between most factions like that. Such rivalry that one group purposely let the loki pilot of another group die (Mind you, we're all in the same alliance) valued at 4b. The person who lost it simply shrugged it off and had it replaced within the hour. So I pretty much just gave up on trying to actually make ISK running sites, since clearly nobody wanted to share and I was an idiot for not having at least 5 alts when joining a WH alliance. My final week of being in that alliance, we were PvPing, some nullsec people were camping an exit WH, so we went out and fought them. They brought a dozen RRBS which we simply dropped a single blap dread on top of (Since we wanted to work on closing the hole anyways) Which after 20mins and 8 BS later, they tried to show up with a single nyx 150km away. Now at this point I thought "I have connections within super range of this system" And so I told the FC that if we tackle that nyx, I can get people to kill it. All while I'm burning out in my phobos getting a hic bubble on to it. To which the FC tells me (Mind you this is the person who lost and replaced a 4b Loki within an hour) "I don't want to risk our dread" (This dread also being his alt). He then calls for everyone to get back into the WH and work on closing it. Al the while I have this Nyx tackled. :(

Now, capital kills are nothing new to me and honestly aren't all that exciting anymore. However the attitude of the FC and the people within the alliance finalized my decision in that this alliance wasn't a place that I enjoyed. So I promptly moved my stuff out, said my farewells and left. Ironically, two months later all of the corps within that alliance outside of the parent corp, disbanded and merged into the single parent corp. Apparently they lost people too.

I think I'm destined to simply and forever be a nullsec pilot who will never find his way in WHs.