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Developer Meet And Greet~ Baja June 26th 2017


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@Kyronix Wouldn't that be 2 types of base models, and not hue's then? Wouldn't a hue be the color/shade? This is our collection so far -- definitely more than 2 hues and we keep seeing different ones every week almost. Are the colors/shades randomly generated and applied to a Brown/Red dragon model, or are there an actual fixed amount of possible color combinations set?
The variations in the different body types result in different highlights and lowlights expressing the hue (hues in UO exist with a variety of colors in a single hue) in the different ways as we see in your screenshot. It's all randomly generated. I also was incorrect in my previous statement, upon further investigation it's actually 54! different hues that are possible, however the variations between some are so slight they essentially look the same. Apologies for the confusion!