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Decoded Journal (EM Event)

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Stratics Legend
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abcdefghi jkl

Betraying Commander Drake Foxx?!?
Decoded by Recruit Sarberius
Decoded 12/23/11

honesty is a lie they'll all
die for what was done to
me every last one i don't
care what order i kill
them in if some of them
will pay me to kill others
all the better

they think they're so
until they're dying
then they wonder how
they were so foolish

the blood never leaves its
my companion alwaysthe
annoyances are growing
and the nuisances multiply
but they only serve to
fuel my fire

who would have thought
such a treasure would be
hidden in the swamps
none can stop me now
truth is always subjective
these slights will not go

their leering gazes and
their lecherous eyes i
want to rip them all out
and roast them on a
they claim death is like
sleep i can say that
dying isn't I've certainly
seen enough to prove it
agony is a medicine that
goes down best with a
bit of torture trust
never pays for those who
indulge in its enticing call
and only leads to the
shattering of dreams and

death is too good for
some of them but there's
only so far i can deal
with them killing and
murdering maiming and
slaughtering if only they
knew little lady Zodok
sitting in a cave
screaming her head off
while i carve out her rib

i sometimes fear that i
am losing my grasp on
things but if it continues
to be this delectable i do
not think i shall care
much longer

none are innocent even
those who seem pure are
tainted corrupted violated
ruined worthless trash
refuse garbage dung
betrayed debris dregs
filth junk residue human
offal scum