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Decisions Made


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
“You will always be mine.” Mikael snarled at her. “There is no place you can run where I won’t find you. I will ALWAYS find you.”

Dramora woke up with a start, heart thumping. Sitting up quickly, she looked around, blinking. Where was she? Her heart finally started slowing down when she realized she was in the small room at the inn; it was only a dream. He wasn’t there; she was safe.

Realizing she would never go back to sleep, she thought over the last few evenings.

The only thing she could say at this point was that, at least the alliance was working together. They stopped any chance the Hand had at disrupting the Governor’s meeting at the Abbey, and they did that together. How long would this tentative alliance last, though? As she had told Aedon and Tobias last evening, the group was young and had no sense. They were impulsive and believed the way to rid Yew of the Hand was with force. She and Aedon knew better. It would take MUCH more than that.

But it was obvious they had no interest in what either she or Aedon knew about the Hand and their tactics. So, why should she stay? Yew was no longer her home; she didn’t owe these people anything.

Aedon asked her why she came. Dramora replied that she came because he had asked her to. But was that the truth? Why DID she come? Revenge? Perhaps to kill the man that made her life hell?

She thought back on the nightmare that woke her. A small shudder went through her.

Mikael didn’t know she was here yet. She could leave now, and not put herself back in danger. Go back to the quiet life she had before Aedon contacted her. The life where men like Mikael didn’t think they owned you.

But was that what she wanted?

She had always been a fighter.

If she thought back on the last few years, she could agree that they were very quiet…boring, perhaps. Was this her last chance to do something meaningful?

She WAS a fighter! That’s the reason Aedon sent for her. She COULD help, whether they wanted to listen or not.

When she led the Guardians of Virtue, she vowed to protect the innocent. The Hand was attacking innocent townspeople, didn’t they deserve her protection? She had never forsaken her vow, even when she left. She still held that vow in her heart. So she owed it to the innocent to protect them, with her last breath.

The light was just beginning to show through the curtains of the small window when she fell back to sleep.

Tomorrow would be a long day of house hunting!

Mistress of Virtue
Guardians of Virtue (GV)