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[Dec 15, 2019] Santa Claus comes to Town--Zento Bank, Atlantic 8PM EST... (Zento Bank Atlantic)

Lady Lavendar

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Come get a gift box from Santa Claus! Watch out for the Grinch, who might try to throw a little mischief on your holidays! The event is Sunday December 15, 2019 8PM to 9PM held at Zento Bank, Atlantic shard. Moonglates may be provided, courtesy of EM Roenick. This is a player run event, offered by players and Governors of Atlantic shard. Hope to see you there!
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The decorations were very beautiful...
I'm not sure who all did the preparations to get this night started, but Zento Mint looks so beautiful.
I hear someone drank Santa's milk before the event.
And someone refilled his glass but someone ate his cookies!!!!
but that's ok because I see Tatiana Thorn put out a beautiful display of refreshments.


Then the people started arriving to the party.
Many were very eager to see Santa Claus.
They were very naugty and would cut in line.
I hear The Grinch was there handing out Naughty gifts.
That would be the guy in green to the left of the tree.
He even handed out a Naughty gift to EM Roenick.
EM Roenick wondered why he got a naughty gift.
Then he said well I killed a lot of you this year.


On the ground you shall see a green gingerbread man.


During the festivities a mistletoe appeared.
If you stepped up, you could get a *smooch* from EM Roenick.
One fellow slipped the EM his tongue.
The only reply I heard about was the EM saying something about it being wet.
Then that was the end of the mistletoe with the EM...


In this pic, I'm sure you notice that the gingerbread man has moved locations...
the EM moved it over by the mistletoe.
He said that if you stepped on it, that it would take you to the North Pole.
I'm not sure if any of the people stepped on it, until he said it takes you to Santa's workshop.
I think curiosity got the better of lot of the people...
Many stepped on and was teleported to a snowy peak.
One step and you plummeted below.
I heard that some of the people figured out how to walk away from that point.
A few wondered if you could mark a rune there.
By the time someone thought about that... the gingerbread man was gone.


Unfortunately the artists didn't capture a portrait of the North Pole.
But one can assume, that a portrait of there would be protected.
Afterall, who would want the secret location disclosed...
One must protect the secret location of the North Pole