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Death Dance


Although he was quite out if his jurisdiction as a peace officer, and knew it well, Itannar nevertheless elected to investigate a crime scene in Trinsic. He was not a stranger to Trinsic, having served as a paladin in the martial forces of that city before making Yew his home, so he did have a vested interest and concern for its welfare. His friend, Scar, had told him about what he had found in a back room at the Keg and Anchor Inn, shortly before leaving the establishment; his sense of smell, still acute, and detected the odor of death. Upon entering the room he had discovered a grisly spectacle.

Dupre and Itannar conversed briefly and the paladin waved aside the owner's complaints to allow Itannar inside.


The room was a jumbled mess, appearing as if a herd of wild bulls had raced through it. Strewn about wildly was wood, splintered and broken from beds, brooms, tables, and the like; everything being knocked about and crushed underfoot.

The body on the floor was covered with a sheet treated with a perfume like substance to reduce the stench. A brief examination of the corpse revealed a number of possible causes of death: fractures, bleeding, head trauma, though it was most likely he had died from heart failure brought on by over-exertion. Before dying, the man, in a jumbled script, described his inability to stop dancing, hearing the music of a piper's flute.

That left no doubt as to what happened. "The mad piper," Itannar muttered.

Finding no other clues as to how the perpetrator entered or why, he left to file his report. One thing he knew, citizens must take precautions and carry something to stop their ears if and when the piper's music started. No one seemed immune to its lethal effects. Dancing was an enjoyable past time, unless and until it killed you.