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Death Becomes Her

Magdalena Chef

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
With a sigh she wrapped the double axe in oilcloth and laid it in the chest. "Maybe someday soon, old friend, will fight together again," Magdalena gently closed the lid. Times had changed. There were new and fiercer beasts wandering the lands and a heavy, clumsy axe would not be good for dispatching them.

It had been last week when she had wandered outside the gates of Ter Mur, unfamiliar with the lands, and had been attacked by something small and vicious. Expecting it to be like a mongbat, she underestimated its worth and walked away with a long gash in her leg. The thing had sharp teeth or claws she wasn't quite sure which.

She spun and picked up the curved sword from the bed, turning it in her hands. The lithe blade gleamed in the light, this would be a quicker. She swung it, testing its weight and hit the armoire behind her. Ah, yes it was much longer too, had to account for that..

New magicks, new weapons and armors, new horrors in new dungeons. Shaking her head and wondering for the thousandth time if she were this crazy, she placed the sword in the scabbard, and slung it over her shoulder.

Magdalena looked around the tower one last time, Maggy was safe – studying at the Lycaeum and staying in the small apartments there reserved for visiting scholars. Her own affairs were in order and she had left word at the Tarrant household that she would be away for a few weeks. The Lord of the Manor often disappeared for long stretches of time, and she wanted to make sure that someone was there to look after Peter.

Satisfied, she pulled the heavy door closed and locked it. A smaller dungeon first - practice to acclimate to the new weaponry, then Ter Mur and then The Abyss.