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(OT) Deal or no Deal revisited


After talking with DJ Doctor and mentioning that peeps need to submit their house for DOND I have pm'd emile layne and submitted mine..the roof will need to be reworked to do it (its a backwards L shape currently) but whatever is needed I will do it.

I am fed up with Europa never having had a Deal or No Deal event and worse getting the fugging run around bout how in truth they dont consider Europa worthy of having it but yet dont say it. :rant2:

House is submitted emile is I guess going to e-mail you Mesanna now its time to put up or shut up on this.

Enough is enough


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Hi :)

The Deal or No Deal 'UO Style' game show is a player ran event so the EM's, (in this case Emile Layne) and Mesanna are not involved in the mechanics or location setup.

The UO Radio staff considers all shards 'worthy' of the game show events, it is a matter of placing the 'hosted' shard into rotation for the show. Currently there are six shards participating and Europa is booked for one next month. *February 21st.

Considering that Europa shard is several hours ahead of the 'staff' who help put on the event, which is usually held early evening, that makes it extremely late for most Europa players. So, the timing for the show staff and what would be best time for players had to be worked out. Europa's UORadio Deal or No Deal is scheduled for early evening Europa time and early afternoon US time. *7pm Europa.

The location (including facet), size, and layout of game floor is also an important part of the planning so that all players will enjoy the experience.

Hope this helps give insight into some of what it takes to put the in game show on and look forward to being on Europa with Deal or No Deal 'UO Radio Style'.


*marks Feb. 21 and 22 for his requested days off*(February 22nd is Daytona 500..woot finally!!)

I understand there are difficulties in setting up time....Im on east coast USA so im 5hrs behind GMT and 6 behind CET...it is what it is after 12yrs here Europa is home :)

Thank you for the clarification and my house off the umbra road (18*18) is still available for use should yall need it. Will just need time to modify it and move everything on the roof to storage. Other than the occasional wandering vampire bat its perfectly safe.