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Deal or no Deal on Sonoma


Stratics Veteran
How does Deal or No Deal work? What time will it be?
first you have to go to the Deal or No Deal house
(there is a teleporter at Luna Library, pile of gold on top)

get a book and then turn it in to the DJ
standing near the gate (to the play area)

they will draw books for "early bird" door prize 2m gold
then call a contestant up (whose book was drawed the previous time)
then draw 4 more (to a total of 5 contestants)

each of these contestants picks a box to stand next to
and when all 5 are there, they will let them look inside their box
the person who has the "DEAL" book gets to play
(the remaining contestants get 2M just for being a contestant
or 10% of the final contestants winnings)

final contestant gets to choose 1 box from the 26 boxes in play.
that is called their home box.

then DJ Sandman asks them to pick 6 boxes
each of them are opened one at a time
at the end of each round,
the "evil banker" asks to buy that box back
the final contestant can take that deal or continue on...

the next round, contestant picks 5 boxes
3rd round, contestant picks 4
4th round, contestant picks 3
5th round, contestant picks 2
then they give a bathroom break/stretch your legs
before the lightning round
these rounds, the contestant can make a counter offer

after the contestant either takes the DEAL
or sticks with their home box.
then additional door prizes are drawed
and a contestant for the next Deal or No Deal is picked

they also check for book match
(if your book matches the final contestants book
you win 10M on the shard of your choice
Siege is 5% of that)


the book that you turn in
there are amounts listed on the inside pages

put your name, shard you want the gold
and the gold amount, that you think the
contestant will pick


the time of the event is always the same each week.
It is located on a different shard every week
(except the 5th Saturday of every month)

Find the DJ (starts 5pm CT)
DJ Doctor will call out in chat
and live on uorad.com
clues as to where he is at in game
first person to find him, gets 2M
every one else gets 200K
(paid on the shard where you find him)

Deal Or No Deal
6pm CT
(payouts at the end of the show)
listen to uorad.com to follow what is happening