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Daily Issue I encoutner with VvV

Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I enter a town and another character is present. We are both OJ, they are not pvpers and start to recall or run away.

I tell them I intend them no harm. We talk and we determine we are not enemies. I tell them I will leave so they can earn silver. I leave...

10 mins goes by and the town should have been won and a new battle should have begun... I go back to town, find the non pvper dead, and PvP evil guilds present. I fight evil guilds....

My issue is that I can't be around to help people without also being an extreme hindrance. If the system doesn't allow us to join Vice or Virtue please allow us a way to temp allie people. Whether using the party system by adding them and thus making them green or invoking the Virtue Codex to "Protect" people, etc. Make them temp green for the conflict and then allow us to not interfere with town progress and silver.

People will counter with the Alliance system but that requires getting a hold of the GM of the guild, also you can't get into alliance with guilds that are already in an alliance, etc etc. (Been trying for over a week to get an alliance with a guild so I can help protect them and not interfere with town control)

Lets encourage people to stay in the system become more comfortable in pvp and fel. Right now players less experienced at PvP are coming to fel to try it out, but most times they end up alone and ganked. This isn't going to help them learn to pvp or encourage them to come back to VvV. Working along side other "Virtue" pvpers will (yes some people that participate do not enjoy fighting for the sake of fighting). I want to see the system sustain and grow.

Lore's Player


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
This is mostly about being a good guild with openings for new members, with an eye on preserving the working dynamic of the group.

It is also the place where the learning curve about being in a group, as opposed to "winning UO" comes hard and fast. :)