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Selling Armor Custom Sampire/Dexxer Suits

Naxatilor Feluka

Stratics Veteran
Selling customized sampire suits. Message me what you are looking for, I will respond promptly with a timeframe [Typically within 1 day].

I do not supply artifacts. Orders include ;
-I will plan your suit and build it around the artifacts we decide on
-2 Imbued SSI10 jewels customized to your request
-5 suit pieces custom fit around the artifacts [May vary based on race]
-Suit refinements if desired

I have done both studded and metal, for both human/elf and gargoyle builds. This is an example of my work.

This is without a town buff, without potions, without a weapon. The armor of the perfect killing machine.

Fast way to save yourself hours of planning, hunting for pieces, imbuing ect.

For those new to the sampire ways, I also provide full support and answer questions to ALL players about templates, strategies and playstyles. My current build can and has demolished everything from blackthorn's to shadowguard in record breaking times!

You can reach me on stratics, ICQ 60932767, or discord Ni'kard#9179


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So how much do you sell such a suit for ?
And why is the energy resist not 80 ?

Naxatilor Feluka

Stratics Veteran
Suits are usually around 300m, can be slightly more or less depending on the specifics of what you need and the difficulty to acquire components. I usually ask a few questions before we start, then quote an exact price and exact suit mods after I plan it out, and I start only once you have approved it all. That suit doesnt have 80 energy because invul refinements are super expensive and difficult to find in large quantities =D


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I am interested in a couple of nice Sampy luck suits. Returning player though so hope you don't mind if I bother you with a lot of questions about template also.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
WOW, super happy with my awesome suit!
I had the Arties, Nexilator filled the blanks and then some, like a boss!
Thanks! :)