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Current state of the game?

Hey just wanted to get an idea of where this game stands right now.

I love open world sandboxes especially with full loot PvP.

I've been waiting for New World from AGS but it seems they may be going for a more theme park styled mmo with optional PvP.

What's this game like? Populated servers? Modded or official preferences? Decent PvP content to be had?

Appreciate any current/relevant info.


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What's this game like? It is my new UO
Populated servers? As of now it is busy during peak times..... weekends Busier than alot of UO shards
Modded or official preferences? I have not tried a modded server yet
Decent PvP content to be had? PvP has its penaltys but it has not stopped reds from killing my crafters..........just like the good ole days :>)
I love the game and it is not a hands tied free version so not much to loose for d-loading and trying.