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Is it just me or has Europa given up??

Ive spent a few lonely hours dying in Cove, and a few 'Fun' hours in tram Nujelm where Ive been having luck with strangely behaving unmounted Vanguards, who move like a BR infected on a set map line, and then stop, fight you for 30 secs, and recall, to start all over again.

Able to kill them easily solo in about 15 mins of slashing, and when they summon just go hide in bank for 90 secs whilst the spawn confuses itself to death.

But, Not one other person to be seen

Have we all gone to Doom now the new hand in rates are out??

or are we all at somewhere Ive not been, Like Serp Hold Fell or somewhere like that.

With the now 10 diff areas its hard to know where the groups are, its tough on my ownsome

Im lonely and bored, .....where are we all??