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[Discussion] CU Fully Scrolled & Trained Services!!!

Soul Assassian

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I am offering my services in taming, scrolling, & training of ANY color CU of your choice besides BLAZE. I will customize the build of your CU to whatever you would like. Save yourself hours and hours of boring in game training by hiring me to do the hard part and you reap the rewards for the fee of 400 mill. This price includes myself supplying ALL of the 120 scrolls requested for your CU's build. If you are interested in this service please reach out to me here, at ICQ #5080878, or my Discord is SoulAssassin#6940. Requests will be filled in the order they come in so act fast if you want to be at the front of the line. Thanks and I look forward to providing my services to many of you in the near future!