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Creations of the Light - Christian Order guild on Heldehammer



Hello friends,

Creations of the Light has now opened up a WAR chapter! We are a Order guild located on the Heldenhammer server.

Who are we?

Creations of the Light (COTL) is a family-friendly social guild with Christian Leadership. We have been around since open beta in LOTRO and now we are expanding into WAR. We are a casual player base who enjoys all aspects of the game. Being casual doesn't mean that we don't play a lot - just that the guild's primary focus is not in-game achievement. Our members are friendly, and very helpful. We run instances/PQ’s when needed, or for fun when enough players are interested. We are also partaking in scenarios and other various aspects of RVR. Our guild chat reflects our members - tight-knit, active, and friendly. Members are not required to be Christians. We have several members who are not, but enjoy the atmosphere we provide. We are looking to recruit at a pace where all our members can get to know each other. We are not interested in the numbers game, and will not put our members at risk for the sake of having huge membership. The one thing we have achieved in LOTRO over our 1+ year existence is that we have truly created a family (75+ members in LOTRO). We don't believe in a guild’s whose membership is made up of various cliques.

For Interested Parties:

If you are interested in applying, you may do so on our website by filling out a guild application. This will help us get to know you, and you us.

For other Guilds:

There is a forum for guild relations if you are from another guild and want to stop by and say hello to COTL.

Public Events/Guild Events:

We as a guild believe in community. We have a picture of the week contest, in which the winning picture wins a prize and the privilege to have their picture on the website's home. We have forum treasure hunts and various in game events. There is also a Public events forum if you are looking to sponsor an event and would like to notify us or ask us to co-sponsor an event. COTL will also list any Public events it will be hosting there as well.

To visit our website: http://www.lotrocotl.com

Feel free to bring any questions or concerns to one of our officers. They will be more than happy to talk to you.



Co-Leader of Creations of the Light


Hey, check us out! We are a well established, casual, friendly group of gamers moving into the exciting world of Warhammer. We provide a mature, family friendly environment with Christian leadership.

Check us out at LOTROCOTL.COM and look for us on the Heldenhammer server!



We've been having a lot of fun with Warhammer and are looking forward to even more adventure and battles! If you are looking for a Warhammer guild stop by our site and check out our about us section and code of conduct to see what we are all about. We'd be glad to meet ya!