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[Carpentry] Crafting 100% elemental black staff - am I missing something?


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Hi folks,

I admit, I am not very experienced in crafting, so maybe I am just a dumb fellow asking questions that have been answered a thousand times; however, if you can enhance my understanding, my honest thanks:

I try to craft 100% ele black staffs. There is this sticky that says the following:

100% elemental black staff: Oak saw + Powerful + Quality
(difficulty: moderate)

I tried to follow this, but I think I don't get it right.

First, what is your basis? Since the staffs will be imbued and I also need the DI on them later, I would always craft excep items with + 40 DI on them. However, in another "100% ele thread" (covering axes) ppl said you should take normal crafted weapons for reforging. If I search for 100% ele damage black staffs on vendors, I only find 100% normal crafted staffs. Can you explain the reason for this to me?

Now back to the sticky: What does "Powerful & Quality" actually mean? If I just take "Powerful" on the reforging menu, I don't have the option to choose a name ("of Quality"). I have to take "Powerful & Grand Artifice & Inspired Artifice" to choose the option "Exquisite/of Quality". However, in this thread

[Bowcraft/Fletching] - Reforging for 100% Elemental bows

they say just take "Powerful" for reforging the bows and also state that you should go the same way if dealing with carpentry.

Now I took all this information and buyed some oak runic saws and started reforging.
First try was:
- excep crafted, +40% DI black staff, reforged with just choosing "Powerful": Result of about 100 tries: Tons of mods, but not one elemental modified weapon (not even a 30/70 one).
Secend try was:
- excep crafted, +40% DI black staff, reforged with choosing "Powerful & Grand & Inspired" and then "Exquisite/of Quality": about 60 tries, one single 30/70 cold damage staff but with also 70% lower requirement mod = worthless.

So, before I go on and burn tons of saws in this really annoying and tiring "crafting" grind - if you can, plz give me any hint what exactly to do to get these weapons :)

Thx, and kind regards



UO Forum Moderator
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Being wood, the only easy 100% is cold, because of frostwood enhancement. Other than that, I'm still a novice at reforging.

The Doctor

Seasoned Veteran
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However, in another "100% ele thread" (covering axes) ppl said you should take normal crafted weapons for reforging.
I do this with two handed axes so I don't have to buy whetstone because I have 100% Dmg Inc on Suit. The imbue weight is 550 on shop bought two hand weapons and 600 on exceptional two hand weapons. This allows me to have another property and if I need to short one it is usually stam leech.
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The Doctor

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
100% elemental black staff: Oak saw + Powerful + Quality is the way to go. Sometimes the RNG is a pain and you won't get one in 100 tries, it has happened to me. Then you may get a few within 10 tries. Go to test center is the easiest cheapest answer because you hit the gump for it to give you crafting tools in your bank with almost unlimited charges.


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Thx mates, is clearing it a bit up for me. Seems really to be a tough thing to craft one. Thx for your help


Seasoned Veteran
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Ok, here my experience (that worked for me) in crafting elemental damage black staffs:

Basis: crafting the weapon that you want to reforge:

- decide if you need Damage Increase on your weapon or not (You always should have 100% dmg increase on your suit! If you happen to get it through other items (e.g.: ring/brace +25% = 50%; trinket = 20% = 70%; armor parts with 10%) and/or chiv spell (divine fury gives at highest tier 20% DI) you might go without DI on your weapon)
- Note: Crafting excep weapons will also result in being able to imbue more intensity on the weapon!
- if you want to go with DI on your weapon: craft excep weapons; depending on how much DI you want craft it with armslore on your template (100% armslore and excep crafted = 40% DI); to push chance to craft excep pieces use (carpentry) trinket that boosts excep chance!
- if you want to go without DI on your weapon: Just craft without trinket and use the non-excep pieces (you can also get rid of the DI on the weapon by using a whetstone (of enervation), but on Atl, a whetstone costs about 3 Mio, so I can't see why anyone would use one).

Second step: Reforging the weapons:

- take oak runic saw, stand next to soul forge, double-click saw and target the weapon you want to reforge
- when reforging menue comes up, choose "Powerful & Grand & Inspired" and then "Exquisite/of Quality"
- reforge
- Note: This way, you will still get a lot of useless results! Either you don't get elemental damage but other mods, or elemental damage however combined with a useless mod that takes one of your slots you want to imbue later on. Be prepared to burn some oak runics to get the result you need (= plain elemental damage modified black staff!).

Regards, Fizzle

Ezekiel Zane

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So thank you for this info and @Fizzleton for some much welcome confirmation on this process.

I made 10 good ones to start with.

1 Fire 100%, 1 Fire 70/30
1 Energy 100%, 1 Energy 90/10
1 Poison 70/30, 1 Poison 50/50
1 Chaos 100%
1 Chaos 90/10
2 Cold 70/30 that can be enhanced with frostwood to 100% cold

I burned thru 4 saws using 180 charges. I re-forged 45 Exceptional Black Staffs.
The first 20 had me pretty discouraged. I only made one Cold 70/30 and the 100% Chaos dmg staffs.
The next 25 though turned out 8 more. So got 10 outa 45 staffs. From what I've read about this, that seems like pretty good results.

Now to PoF, imbue and enhance.