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[BUG] Couple of art issues... Bugs?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
After decorating my home perfectly in 2D, and then switching to the EC to see what it looks like, I seem to have a few issues where things don't look right/the same.

Ok, so..

Stone Oven, the actual bit on fire at the bottom of the oven, is showing on the floor above the actual oven. Obviously a bug.

Large Forges.. Again, they have a nice fire effect which rises into the air on the EC, except it rises through your floorboards and onto the floor above.. Obviously a bug.

Congealed Slug Acid, I used to simulate water with its nice light blue colour. Yet in the EC it is the darkest green I have seen. Why the colour change?

Another issue which is probably already known, why do stacked items appear as single items in EC? Wood and Ingots are a fine example.

Oh one other issue which is specific to the CC, is some of the special trees you can get, such as the Christmas Trees, Apple Tree, Pear Tree, etc. They all "bleed" through the floors, so if you put them on your fourth floor for instance, they bleed through onto all the floors below. I bug reported this twice two years ago and even mentioned it to one of the developers personally, yet still it hasn't been fixed.

Hopefully these can be included in the "big" art update which was mentioned in the HoC chat last night.


UO Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Stone oven i know has been that way and needs fixed for sure /also forges
acid slug i was not aware of since I rarely us cc anymore
and also never even noticed the stacking difference

would be great to get these looked at

Dermott of LS

UOEC Modder
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Particle effects still overlay graphics instead of being blocked by them... that's why you're getting the fire issue.

I have an Obsidian Pillar deco piece on my front porch and during KR at one point, the tip of it caught fire (in actuality, it was probably a spawning gypsy/brigand campfire behind the west side of the house, but the bleed-through made the pillar look like it was on fire).


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Another one to throw into the mix..

Potted Silver Saplings. They're evil. Why? Because they don't fit onto a tile like everything else does. When you place one of these things they tend to sit in between 4 tiles making them appear out of place and available to walk over. You can place them right on the same tile as a wall is occupying and it looks fairly neat, that is, if you're playing on the CC. If you're on the EC then it appears on the other side of the wall... :confused: So if you place it on the south east corner of your home for instance where a wall is, in the CC it'll hide behind the wall. If you play the EC, it'll appear outside your house.

Martyna Zmuir

Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Items not sitting right on the tile you place them in is a bug that has plagued nearly every new item over the last year. The art department is in utter fail mode when it comes to making sure items look the same in both clients.

Holiday items seem to be the sloppiest additions...

Holiday garlands default location is IN the floor in the middle of the tile in the EC - in the CC they are 'halfway up' and situated against the west or northern sides where a wall might be. This makes decorating for the holidays problematic due to the disparity between clients.

The ruined tapestry from Halloween '09 sits in the middle of the tile in the EC - in the CC it is situated against the west or northern sides where a wall might be. This gives the effect of the tapestry floating in midair in the EC, looking awful.

The Silver Sapling Replica does sit very far forward on the tile it’s placed on. However, using an interior decorator tool to raise it up helps with this issue in the EC – but makes it look a bit odd in the CC.

Cornucopias have similar placement issues; in fact many items sit too far forward in the tile. The new gargish wall mirrors won’t even allow you raise them up the wall without using gozas – who needs a mirror they can only see their feet in?

The art department either doesn’t know what they are doing and just throw the graphic into the EC without bothering to QC their work, or are extremely lazy… :thumbdown:

These items/issues need to be fixed to insure as similar viewing experience as possible between the two clients. Continuity is key.