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Council Meeting 9-13-20


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Preparations for the Council’s Meeting of Governors.​

So much to do, so much to do. Dezerai first stop is the city’s Vaults. City Treasury Balance is 914,329,893 she is told, very well, an increase of 10 million from last month’s, she quickly move to the city docks, there she see Moonglow’s Trade Minister Ricardo who informs her that the Royal Engineers have warned of a building in danger of collapsing, but there is no worries as it is in Luna, far from their island.
9-13-200005.jpg 9-13-200007.jpg 9-13-200010.jpg 9-13-200011.jpg 9-13-200015.jpg 9-13-200021.jpg 9-13-200020.jpg
A quick scouting of the island, just in case her guards had missed anything. All seems quite. A stop to chat with Chief Giggey, he has nothing new to report. Arrive at her office she passes the sleeping form of the island’s guardian, the Void Dragon. In her office she quickly scan thru documents. All seems well, she is ready for the meeting.

She arrives early at the council’s chambers and is please to see others already there awaiting the arrival of our King.

The Meeting​

Ron Fellows: Hail King
Lavendar: Hail King Blackthorn!
King Blackthorn: greetings!
Cinderella: Good Evening Your Majesty
King Blackthorn: Welcome governors and guests!
Dezerai: Hail Sire
King Blackthorn: We have a good turn out tonight
Dezerai: indeed
Lavendar: I must leave a little early
Rayce: it is a welcome sight
King Blackthorn: Please take your seats
Lavendar: I apologize
King Blackthorn: as always, let us begin with getting the governor reports for each town. As Lavendar needs to leave a bit early, tonight we start with her.
Lavendar: Thank you, Your Highness!
King Blackthorn: what have you to report on Vesper?
Lavendar: I am happy to report that Vesper fares exceeding well especially considering that all of us have been plagued by pirates and invaders to our cities in the earlier part of the year. It seems that by the grace of God and the hard work of our warriors we have driven the pestilence from our lands for now.

Lavendar: I have even heard that Santa and his elves seeing the calm state of our populace are planning a visit in December with gifts for all. I'm sure I will get more news on that closer to the date. I hope all of you have been well
King Blackthorn: That is good to hear!
Lavendar: and it is with great pleasure I see so many here tonight.
Ron Fellows: *claps*
Dezerai: *claps*
Lavendar: That is all I have to report at this time.
Lavendar: Thank you everyone and your Highness.
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report Lavendar, I too am looking forward to Santa’s Visit. Always a great tie of year!
Lavendar: I am sure he will bring you something special as well!
King Blackthorn: Just hope that Grinch fellow has learned his lesson
Rayce: *umm*
Lavendar: I fear the Grinch may be back
King Blackthorn: and decides not to cause havoc
Lavendar: with coal for the naughty or suspected naughty
Dezerai: hehe
Cinderella: *giggles*
Rayce: or krampus
Lavendar: do remember Santa's elves are watching!
Lavendar: Well him too!
King Blackthorn: true

Triumphant Entry​

You see: Queen Mum [TLF] Lavendar: an apparition of an angel. Dezerai: we have a full house.
Lavendar: or is it truly our beloved Queen Mum?
King Blackthorn: alright, Ron Fellows what have you to report on Jhelom?
Rayce: someone I haven’t seen in years
Sonya Kristoff: excellent
Ron Fellows: King, would you allow me to report from across the table? I would like to look a certain someone in the eye.
King Blackthorn: Welcome Queen Mum, glad to see you!
Lavendar: Hail Queen Mum
Dezerai: Hail Mum
Lavendar: You make my heart glad
Queen Mum: Sorry I am a tad late
Lavendar: to see you!
Sonya Kristoff: hail queen mum
Clym of Clough: Greetings Mum, great to see you
Queen Mum: Thank you
*Roll Call*
Queen Mum (Britain)
King Blackthorn (The Crown)
Lavendar (Vesper
Lord Rayce(Yew)
Lord Clym of Clough (Skara Brae)
Trinsic Rose (Trinsic)
Cinderella (Minoc)
Sonya Kristoff (New Magincia)
Ron Fellows (Jhelom)
Dezerai (Moonglow)

The Scandal​
King Blackthorn: It is perfectly alright\
Ron Fellows: Welcome
Queen Mum: :..:
Ron Fellows: Thank you for the floor
King Blackthorn: Yes Ron, you may
Ron Fellows: Unfortunately, I bring unsettling news to the chamber this evening.
Dezerai: oh?!
Ron Fellows: There have been reports of vandalism and theft. Leading from Jhelom’s moongate and spreading across our beautiful island. We CANNOT accept this.
Rayce: ?
Trinsic Rose: *gasps*
Ron Fellows: Our guards have reported suspicious travelers from the city of New Magincia in and around the moongate. I have asked our detectives to launch a formal investigation on the city of New Magincia AND their Governor Sonya Kristoff
Dezerai: oh??
Ron Fellows: *glares*
Sonya Kristoff: Heresy
Miri: !!

Ron Fellows: If our findings show Governor Sonya Kristoff and their administration are involved in these crimes, we will begin with immediate tariffs and consider the use of the Jhelom guard to protect our borders. The citizens of Jhelom will prevail I shall report our findings at our next meeting. The only other news I have to bring is that the Citizens of Jhelom remain hopeful that our monument to the defenders of Jhelom is restored upon its pedestal. So far the dark lady has ignored our requests. This ends my report for today. *glares*

Ron Fellows: Thank you King
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. the statue repair is a work in progress
Rayce: *shakes head*
King Blackthorn: A few things have blocked it from being fixed. I am hopeful that next week, we will see progress
Ron Fellows: Thank you king, I know the dark forces take time

King Blackthorn: and please do let me know what you find in your investigation. Sonya, what have you to report tonight on New Magincia?
Queen Mum: *hope it doesn't spread to other cities*

Sonya Kristoff: Sire the City of New Magincia fares well this day our coffers currently sit at 423 million gold and sit stable for the time being, currently the city defense has been raised to such a level that even Scalis himself sees fit to visit elsewhere, the citizenry has been busy improving on these already strong defenses and surely have no time to visit such far away cities such as Jhelom to cause mischief. But I will launch an investigation inside the city to discover if any culprits are needing blame and assign it properly, thus ends my reports sire.

King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report, I am sure the investigations will reveal the truth
Sonya Kristoff: I agree sire
King Blackthorn: and the culprits will be found. Cinderella, what have you to report on Minoc?
Cinderella: earlier this evening i was walking the streets of Minoc, thinking about how proud I am of the citizens, recently we had refugees appear from Trinsic and the gypsies took them in until such time they could return, since I know Trinsic Rose isn't a warrior and the refugees told of sounds coming from the walls I went to inspect the sounds coming from the walls with assistance from a warrior of New Magincia.

Once the evil creature was summoned away from the walls we were able to rid the city of the vile creature and the citizens were able to return to Trinsic. Last weeks battle was short but I'm proud that we were able to help them return home

The men of Minoc have been working in the mines to get ready for the Artisan Festival this year
Cinderella: other than the sounds of pickaxe’s its been real quiet since. Thus ends my report

King Blackthorn: Glad you were able to get rid of the beast. What an adventure that must have been!
Cinderella: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. Queen Mum, what have you to report tonight?

Queen Mum: *smiles* The citizens of Britain have been taking excellent care of the city since I have been away. The coffers are still full, the trade is updated to fit the needs of the citizens as well. Other than the struggle to make it back in time, I have nothing else to report.

Queen Mum: I do have a question though ...
King Blackthorn: yes?
Queen Mum: I see a old familiar name here at the table
Nabin: *Sneaks a sip of his good old Moonglow red*
Queen Mum: and I wonder is it the same lady Trinsic Rose of long ago?
Dezerai: *sigh*
Trinsic Rose: I can only wish no I am but named for her
Queen Mum: It is nice to see the name as it brings to mind wonderful times and glorious feeling
Trinsic Rose: in loving memory of days gone past
Dezerai: *smiles*
Queen Mum: well I am very happy to meet you and thank you for the flashback of time :)
Trinsic Rose: you as well Queen Mum
King Blackthorn: well, thank you for your report queen Mum, and am glad to see you here tonight. In fact I am thrilled to see a full house
Dezerai: *nods*
Queen Mum: I hope to be able to make meetings ....
Clym of Clough: Yay "claps"
Queen Mum: yes it is truly wonderful to see everyone again
King Blackthorn: Trinsic rose, what have you to report tonight?

Trinsic Rose: Thank you My Lord. I am happy to report that after much distress our city has been safely secured once again. Our citizens are very thankful to all of those who stepped up to help. Our coffers are still pleasantly full and our shipping yard is actively running trades.

You see: Jhelom Guard
Jhelom Guard: *urgently whispers in Ron Fellows ear*
Trinsic Rose: I was approached by Governor Ron Fellows for an additional assistance of investigation of the thefts plaguing Jhelom
Nabin: *Sneaks a sip of his good old Moonglow red*

Ron Fellows: Rose. May I interrupt? I have urgent news.
Trinsic Rose: seeing as how the Paladin of Trinsic are impartial I have agreed to allow the Paladins to assist in the investigation and am willing to offer the same thing to Governor Sonya Kristoff
Ron Fellows: May I interrupt Rose??? I have urgent news.
Trinsic Rose: o...okay
Ron Fellows: Rose?
Trinsic Rose: go ahead

Ron Fellows: My guard has reported that rioters from New Magincia have just descended on Jhelom bank! They have written down with Jhelom in blood on the walls! Kristoff, do you know anything of this?

Sonya Kristoff: No I do not
Jhelom Guard: M'lord they are lighting fires! I must go fight
Ron Fellows: *glares* I must tend to this
Trinsic Rose: I will gladly offer the service of the Paladins to both sides.
Ron Fellows: I will return
Sonya Kristoff: I will gladly fight beside you to end this violent acts
Sapphire: hmmm interesting

Trinsic Rose: should I proceed with my report sir? I am almost finished
Dezerai: *looks at Rose and his Highness*
Rayce: ?

King Blackthorn: seems I may need to get General Fremont involved
Dezerai: *nods*
Trinsic Rose: indeed
King Blackthorn: I do not want our cities to fight each other
Sonya Kristoff: they will not sire
King Blackthorn: I will speak with the general and will see what will be done
Trinsic Rose: *looks questioningly at the King*
Nabin: *taps pipe and fills it with a plug of termur treefollow tabac* puffs troublingly
Ron Fellows: Thank you King
Miri: *coughs*

King Blackthorn: Trinsic Rose do you have more to report?
Trinsic Rose: I was going to say sire that with the holiday seasons approaching the bustling town of Trinsic looks forward to all the new visitors and friends that will come visit our city to see the decorations and such now that it is safe again and thank you for your time and that ends my report sir.
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. Dezerai, what have you to report tonight?

Dezerai: Sire, Governors, Citizens. Over all the City of Moonglow is doing very well.
Extra Security has been provided for all trade runs. The City Treasury Balance is 914,329,893. That is up by 10 million from the last meeting. I went around early to see if there was anything worthily of to report this evening here at this meeting. All is well in Moonglow today.
With one exception, the Tower is still missing its people, I forsee a dark time there.

Dezerai: that is all I have Sire
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. All I can do regarding the dark tower, is speak with the dark lady
Dezerai: *nods*
Ron Fellows: *waves hand in support*
King Blackthorn: we will see if something comes of it
Lavendar: I regret I must leave. It has been wonderful to see you all.
Dezerai: farewell mlady
Rayce: travel safely lavender
King Blackthorn: Thank you for coming tonight
King Blackthorn: be well
Lavendar: Fare thee well my friends.
Ron Fellows: Farewell
Cinderella: *waves*

King Blackthorn: Lord Clym, what have you to report tonight?
Clym of Clough: Greetings all. Let me just say it's great to be back, and it's amazing to see a full table
Ron Fellows: *claps*
Cinderella: *nods*
Clym of Clough: I don't remember if we have, in my recollection, a full table before. I'll make my piece short as it looks as if there is trouble brewing. We in Skara are doing fine after the miserable invasions that took some of our citizens but we're happy that's done and hope it doesn't happen again some folks were only coming to the bank and got almost killed

Miri: uh oh
Clym of Clough: but we're doing great now, great to see you all and let's have many more of these full meetings. That ends my report, thank you for the privilege of sitting here
King Blackthorn: I can not recall a meeting in 3 years with a full table. Tonight is a good night.
Dezerai: *nods*
Clym of Clough: I, until the last few months have always been governor of Skara and I do NOT remember a full house here, it's wonderful
King Blackthorn: Indeed! Lord Rayce, what have you to report?

Rayce: thank you sire, before I begin I want to say it a pleasure to see Queen Mum back, I truly miss the cookies I used to find in my mailbox. On to my report, all thing being considered, Yew is doing well, our trade routes are open, our coffers are full. I toured the farms and the pumpkins are looking good for this falls crop. I made my way by the winery, and well.... I had occasion to venture into heartwood, and the elves looked very busy, as I said, all things considered, yew is doing well and enjoying a time of peace. That is all I have to report.

King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. I will now open the floor for our guests. Do any of our guests have anything for us tonight?
Miri: Not me
King Blackthorn: If so, now is the time to speak up. Very well then, I have one thing to report. It seems the Trinsic League of Explorers have had some break ins in their artifact vaults.
Rayce: ?
Dezerai: uh oh
King Blackthorn: Not much more is known, I’ve launched a full investigation
Dezerai: If you wish Sire I could ask our chief investigator to assist
King Blackthorn: Once the investigation is complete, I will have someone report on the findings. Sure, we could use the help
Rayce: risky things with all the paladins there
Trinsic Rose: indeed for something to be happening right under my nose and none of my citizens reported to me I feel at a disadvantage
Ron Fellows: I see a trend here
Rayce: maybe all town guards should be put on alert?
King Blackthorn: That might be wise
Dezerai: Chief Giggey will report to you asap
Cinderella: I think that Lithos rolling around in your walls, must have spooked them a lil more than we thought
Rayce: i will speak to my guard captain immediately after the meeting
King Blackthorn: Once we have more information, we will pass it along
Rayce: *sighs* peace was fine while it lasted :)
King Blackthorn: I think this ends our meeting for tonight
Trinsic Rose: regardless I shall be addressing my town guards and talk with the paladins to see about increasing the rounds

Ron Fellows: Thank you king!
King Blackthorn: Please see Xanthus at the statue, if you wish to speak with him. You are welcome.
Rayce: travel well my king, good night
King Blackthorn: Be well.