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Copyright Infringement: The Game

  • Thread starter ViirinSoftworks
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World Information: This world, right now. To start with, the only fantasy element is the fact that players get to choose ANY artifact item from a game, movie, tv show, commercial, anime, comic, cartoon, or famous novel.

These items are referred to as "artifacts". They are divided into two categories, "artifact" and "true artifact". Each player gets one True Artifact to start the game with, and two Artifacts. I will describe each so you know the difference, and why they're so important.

True Artifact: If in the original media, the item is called an Artifact, it is probably a True Artifact in Copyright Infringement. Here are a few examples below of True Artifacts.

Horadric Cube: From Diablo 2. This item is a box that combines items inside it into a single item. There are only certain combinations that work, though in-game, no one knows the full list of recipes, even Deckard Cain. Though it is an artifact in the game, and a True Artifact because of it, no one was hunting the item or the holder of it. This does not increase the game's story by itself, which is nearly the whole point of a True Artifact.

Master Ball: From every version of Pokemon. Only one of these exists in a game without cheating or trading for more, and it is thought of as an amazing item, but no one is hunting for it. The game bosses even hand it over because they don't want it, so this item also does not pose a threat to the player having it, but it does increase this game's story by making it so pokemon are real, and pokeballs exist and work.

7 Star Ball: One of the 9 Dragon Star Balls from Dragonball. This makes the other dragonballs exist, as well as Shin Long, and the various characters and abilities throughout the show exist in this game.

There are many versions of each of the above named items. With the Horadric Cube, you can get the item in Diablo 2, but it is automatically upgraded with the game's expansion. It can be further upgraded by cheating with a specific file editing program. The version of that item must be named, to know which it really is (this mostly comes into play when there is only one of an item such as in a TV show and two players want the same item). With the Master Ball, in certain pokemon games, only certain pokemon exist. It depends on what game the player names they're taking the item from of what bad guy organization/s exist as well as what pokemon.

Artifacts are not items of world-changing power like True Artifacts. Examples of these could be a Pokeball from pokemon, because it is an item taken from some other media, and not unique. Another example of an Artifact would be a cool, but basic weapon from any Final Fantasy game. No one is trying to hunt the owner, and the item itself doesn't change the world. Some Artifacts do change the world... such as a Triquarter from Star Trek. Not an item anyone's hunting, not unique, and doesn't change the original media's world by existing. It does, however, make Star Trek and its technology and races real in this game, if chosen.

Players are encouraged to play as themselves, but it isn't neccessary. Names are all real life names, but you can go by a nickname (surrounded by quotation marks) instead. Character backgrounds are encouraged, but not neccessary.

Players must give a link to some sort of information or a video about, or with the item they have chosen, so everyone can tell how it works, even if they are unfamiliar with the original media.

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